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American Legion Auxiliary-Unit 288

Monthly Unit Meeting

March 3, 2020

Meeting was called to order by president Maggie Geiger followed by the appropriate opening ceremony

Roll call of officers                 6 present                      2 absent

Correspondence was read by secretary Sandy Mack

Acceptance of February minutes was made and placed on file

Treasurer report by Shirley Krier:

Checking balance                                $

Money market                                     $

Poppy funds                                        $


Audit has been done by bank

Unit audit has been completed by: Maggie Geiger, Sandy Mack & Barb Frank and will be placed on file



Paid members 163      goal 195                      we are at 83.59%

Old Business

Kris Gomez asked about the packer fundraiser money which is $ and was to go to tiny homes.  After reviewing the secretary notes a motion was made at the October meeting to donate monies raised to tiny homes.  In November 2019 it was noted that the report/numbers were still needed for exact amounts.  At this time, it was discussed that the tiny homes have not broken ground as of yet.  At the November executive meeting the board elected to table the funds until ground breaks so the donation goes directly to items needed for the homes.  Kris suggests at this time that if ground has not been broken yet, we should look at dispersing the funds somewhere else.  She has contacts and will check into the building of the tiny homes and this will be revisited at the April 2020 unit meeting with an update from Kris.

Sign-up sheets for both 2nd district spring conference and the Ozaukee county council meeting were passed around.

We will not be doing the kringle fundraiser as only 2 members responded to the email sent in February to all members.

Legion birthday party-motion was made by Barb Frank/2nd by Barb Tenpenny to spend up to $150 for 3 raffle baskets, tablecloths and table decorations.

Motion was carried                 all in favor                  none opposed

Barb Tenpenny has offered to make up the baskets

Kentucky derby update given by Barb Frank-next meeting is set for Wednesday at 6:30 pm at the post if anyone would like to attend.  Tickets for derby party are $20.00.

Barb Tenpenny asked for a budget of $700.00

Barb Tenpenny made a motion/2nd by Chris Sandoval for the $700 budget

Motion was carried                 all in favor                  none opposed

Packer party-undecided; will discuss again at April 2020 meeting

Car show update-Chris Skidmore indicated it is too soon to ask for a budget and she is checking into t-shirts and has no pricing at this time

Poppy distribution this year will be done at Speedway, Otto’s, Piggly Wiggly & Kwik trip.  Please see Shirley Krier for available times

Constitution/by-laws-all members were sent a copy of constitution/by laws in Jan/Feb of 2020 for review.  President Maggie Geiger reviewed changes.  One correction is being made under fundraiser proceeds: exception parking-#3 will be changed from 3) as a unit our portion will elect how the ala portion will be distributed to 3) remaining 2/3rds will be distributed to an organization(s) as the unit as a whole elects.  This donation could be either a monetary donation or a charitable donation.

Constitution/by laws were accepted as written with the exception of the parking #3 wording

Motion was made by Donna Kison/2nd by Carol Grothkiewicz

Motion carried

All in favor                 none opposed

New Business

Barb Batzko is working on a project with the town/country 4h club.  They are collecting plastic lids to create a bench for the school garden.  Green tree packaging out of Indianapolis will make the bench.  They need to collect 250lbs.  Currently she only has 40lbs.  Please save your clean lids for their project.  There is a drop-off at Webster middle school and the UW ext office @ the courthouse.  Please contact Barb with any questions and other drop off places.

Gold star mother banquet will be chaired by Chris Skidmore & Amanda Dowler-more information to follow

Nomination committee needed-there were no volunteers therefore president Maggie Geiger will assign 3 members to be on the committee

President Maggie Geiger asked for an endorsement from the unit-position is for 1st vice president/membership chair for the ALA Department of Wisconsin

Sandy Mack made a motion/2nd by Shirley Krier-motion carried

All in favor                             none opposed

Budget- a copy of the unit budget that was put together by the executive board was given to all attending members.  All members felt this was a good start in tracking our expenses/fundraisers

President Maggie Geiger received a bag of small stuffed animals from Jim Lee, Nancy Wallock commented that Lasata gives them to the patients at their facility.  President Maggie will take them to Lasata nursing home.

Chris skidmore shared a closing prayer

President Maggie Geiger called the meeting adjourned

Pot of gold winner: Barb Tenpenny

Respectfully submitted by:

Sandy Mack-Secretary

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