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UNIT 288



Meeting was called to order with the appropriate opening ceremony

Roll call of officers-All present

Special guest speaker:

Julia Chumlea-ALA Badger Girls State Delegates 2019

  • Julia presented the highlights of her week at Badger Girls State
  • She was a Federalist
  • She was appointed a position on the Circuit Court
  • She was nominated for Badger Girls National
  • Will recommend to all girls beginning Juniors at the Cedarburg High School


Correction to the October 2019 minutes:

  • Donation will be going to the VA Ladies Clothing Room for Bathrobes/Umbrella’s.
  • Minutes were approved

Treasurer Report-Shirley Krier

Checking Account Balance:                                      

Money Market Account Balance:                              

Poppy Funds Account Balance:                                 

A check was deposited for the Fish Fry Split


Thank you notes were received from Jerry Wantry & Bob McPherson.

Old Business

Display cabinet

  • President Maggie is not getting a response back regarding the cost of glass
  • Mary Lewandowski will check with another company
  • Mary Lewandowski will decorate the cabinet anyone wanting to display something should pass it to her

Downstairs Office/Cabinets

  • We have a few cabinets available to use along with the office downstairs to hold  all supplies & reports that are a part of  unit 288


  • Money has already been approved to purchase a new laptop and suggestion was made to purchase from Costco.  No volunteers to pick one up.
  • Motion was made to purchase a printer/scanner/laminator by Chris Sandoval, 2nd by Gail Andree-Kjell.  All in favor, none opposed motion carried.


  • Meeting in October at Unit 288 went well, many compliment
  • We were asked to again hold one for next year.

Wine/Harvest Fest Parking

  • Payment needs to me sent to Department for the Surgical Heart Pillow
  • Teri West will pick up the Bath Robes/Umbrellas

Car Show:

  • Chris Skidmore delivered the Check for Pets for Vets and they were very thankful
  • Next car show is set for Saturday August 29, 2020

Troop Boxes:

  • Sue Handrick has about 11 names of deployed soldiers and a list of 3 different USO’s for the 60 boxes.
  • Chris Skidmore collected money from the Washington County Human Services and will purchase additional items needed.
  • Anyone attending lunch is asked to chip in for Pizza

High Ground in Neillsville WI:

  • The High ground in Neillsville is a 155 acre manned Veterans Memorial Park that pays tribute to the fallen, and honors the survivors, their service, and their sacrifices
  • Bridgette Kuhlenbeck will get more information on doing a group tour

Packer Party:

Approximate Numbers-Report still needs to be completed

  • Suggestion to increase cost of tickets next year to offset expenses
  • Additional donations have been collected for Kentucky Derby baskets

eterans Day Luncheon:

  • Subs have been ordered from Subway($88)
  • Will also supply homemade brownies/cookies
  • November 11th, 2019 at the post at 10:30


      President Maggie has asked that all reports are turned in by November 15, 2019

911 Memorial-Kewaskum

  • Information on purchasing bricks was passed around and will be discussed more after the 1st of the year.

New Business

Department Donations

  • Nancy Wallock make a motion to donate $500 to suggested places from Department and $1,000 to the Poppy suggested places from Department. 2nd by Chris Sandoval, all in favor none opposed motion carried.
  • Kris Gomez chose the following:

    Poppy Fund Donation- Homeless Female Veteran Grant Fund

                                   Veteran & Family Assistance Fund

                                       Fischer House Milwaukee

                                       Fischer House MN

        General Fund Donations- Support Military Families

                                           National Auxiliary Emergency Fund

            $700.00 will be earmarked for 2 girls for Badger Girls State


Motion was made by Chris Skidmore & 2nd by Donna Kison to present the Legion with a gift to be given to the Post for Christmas.  All in favor none opposed motion carried.

Carol Szudrowitz made a motion 2nd by Sandy Mack to donate to Family Sharing, Family Services & Advocates.  All in favor, none opposed, motion carried.

Shirley Krier 2nd District VA&R chair has asked for a donation for her special project.  Mary Lewandowski made a motion and 2nd by Chris Skidmore.  All approved, none opposed motion carried.  Shirley will purchase the items.

Grafton parade is November 30th @ 11:00 a.m. Denise made a motion for candy Sandy Mack 2nd, all in favor, none opposed motion carried.  Denise will purchase the candy and be reimbursed

Veterans Christmas Party

  • Post pays for the lunch prepared by the Auxiliary
  • Sandy Mack motioned that dinner be catered, 2nd by Mary Jaeger, all in favor none opposed motion carried. 
  • Shirley Krier and Chris Sandoval will take care of the ordering/kitchen
  • Cookies (approximately 3 dozen each) can be brought to the post the evening of December 7th (after 6pm) or the morning of December 8th from 9-11 a.m.

Unit Veteran Christmas Party

  • Preference is Pot Luck-members are to contact either Maggie or Sandy what they will be bringing
  • Date is 12/3/2019 replaces monthly meeting.  Drinks will be offered from 5:00pm to approximately 5:45pm.  Female vets should arrive around 6pm weather permitting.
  • Teri, Amy, & Mary will work together to pick up towel sets and other items as gifts.  Mary Lewandowski made a motion to spend  and Gail Andree-Kjell 2nd to purchase gifts.  All in favor, none opposed.
  • Mary Jaeger will have blankets from her church, Donna Kison is making slippers and Gail is making hats.
  • Total of possible 15 female vets will be attending

No other donations are being made at this time until a Unit Budget can be completed

Legion Birthday Party

  • March 14, 2020
  • Tabled until after the 1st of the year

Chaplain Mary Jaeger offered a closing prayer

Meeting was call adjourned by President Maggie Geiger

Pot of Gold Winner:  Mary Jaeger

Submitted by: Sandy Mack ALA Unit 288 Secretary







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