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The American Legion Auxiliary

Peter Wollner Post Unit 288

Monthly Meeting

November 6, 2018


Meeting was called to order by President Gail Andree-Kjell followed by the appropriate opening ceremony

Secretary Sandy Mack-roll call of officers

            8 Present                     4 Absent

October minutes were approved as written

Treasurer Report-Kris Gomez

            Beginning Balance xxxx             Ending Balance xxxx         

            Beginning CD Bal xxxx     Ending Balance  xxxx        


$00 in outstanding checks

Approved and placed on file for Audit

Last audit was October 2018

Guest Speakers: Badger girls Analiese Hilgendorf & Mia Kettlehohn

            Both spoke of their week adventure and how much they learned, they will recommend this opportunity to anyone interested in going

Committee Reports

Membership-Mary Garner

            108 Paid

            231 Goal

She is trying to get reminders sent from Department

VA&R-Heather Garstecki

            Christmas bags will be packed at 4:30 on Monday November 19, 2018.  All donations need to be in by then.  Still needed is Kleenex, chap sticks, fuzzy socks and nail polish

C&Y/Americanism-Nancy Wallock

            All flags have been distributed to the schools.  Nancy spoke with Webster school and they would like as many as we can offer.  Webster school 8th graders will be doing letters and cards for the Honor Flight.  Some will stay to give to Veterans that attend the Christmas parties at our post.

Sick N Sunshine-Mary Jaeger

            Get well cards were sent


  • Jr. leader still needed
  • Parliamentarian still needed
  • Wanted chairwomen for Mid-Year and Year-End-Reports
  • Gail Andree-Kjell needs all candy donations prior to November 24 for Christmas parade
  • Commander Bob Batty invited the ALA members for a meet/greet with the National Vice Commander at the post November 8 @ 5:30 for pizza/drinks


  • Newsletters from 2nd District President Danie Wilson and Ozaukee County President Amy Luft were read
  • All thank you letters/notes were read

Old Business

Wreath Report by Gail Andree-Kjell

            16 members sold wreaths        Money Raised             $xxxx

            Cost to Johnson Gardens                                            $xxxx

Balance                                                                                   $xxx 

$xxx will be placed in the General Fund

$xxx to be donated

Unit has elected to purchase 20 bathrobes and other supplies with the extra money after the purchase of the bathrobes up to $584.00 for the clothing store operated by Terry West at Zablocki VA Gail Andree-Kjell will purchase

  • Motion was made by Sandy Mack 2nd by Mary Garner-Motion Carried
  • All in favor none opposed

Correction on the numbers for both Wreath Sale and balances, are as follows:

Money Raised                         $xxx

Johnson Gardens                     $xxx

Balance                                   $ xxx  (General Fund)

$xxx donated to purchase bathrobes/air dryers


Fashion Show Report by Mary Garner

            65 in attendance                      Money Raised             $xxxx

            Expenses                                                                     $xxxx 

Balance                                                                                   $ xxxx

$xxx will be placed in the General Fund

$xxx will be donated

Unit has elected to purchase 20 coats for female veterans at both Zablocki Dom 123 and the Boudicca House and will be given for Christmas Kris Gomez will purchase

  • Motion was made by Mary Garner 2nd by Donna Kison-Motion Carried
  • All in favor none opposed

Veterans Day Luncheon by Gail Andree-Kjell

  • Subs  have been ordered, buy 1 tray get 1 free
  • Chips downstairs
  • Members are donating desserts
  • 8 members volunteered and will meet at the post at 10:00 a.m.

Zablocki Post Christmas Party by Gail Andree-Kjell

  • Out and out will be supply same dinner as last year
  • Lunch will be ham/cheese sandwiches
  • 2 comedians attending
  • 3-4 dozen cookies can be brought in either the evening before the party or day of before 10:00 a.m.
  • Up to 5 members can rent costumes if interested contact Gail Andree-Kjell.  You are on your own to pick up and drop off costumes

Auxiliary Christmas Party by Gail Andree-Kjell

  • Invitations have been sent to both VA Dom 123/Boudicca House
  • Pot luck dinner
  • Gail Andree-Kjell will check on having a teen comedy skit for our Auxiliary Christmas party including our Sr. Poppy Princess from the Cedarburg Cultural Center
  • Cocktails 5:00 p.m.
  • Veterans to arrive by 6:00 p.m. at which time no alcohol will be served

Community Service

  • 3,000 volunteer hours are reported from April 1, 2018 to October 31, 2018

Blanket Tie March 9 2019 by Kathie Bruhn

  • Enough fleece has been purchased to do 35 blankets cost $xxx
  • Motion was made by Sandy Mack 2nd by Donna Kison to allow Kathie to spend up to $xxx for fleece
  • Motion carried: All in favor none opposed

Requested Donation:

Motion was made by Sandy Mack 2nd by Mary Garner that we purchase a gift up to $xx for every child at the Boudicca House.  Gail Andree-Kjell will check on how many children, ages and gender are there.

All in favor none opposed

Nancy Wallock made a motion that for National Education Week we Give 10 to each school. This program offers 10 items to each of the 5 schools.  Each school she suggests we spend $xx on the 10 items total cost to unit $xxx.00.  Sandy Mack 2nd-Motion was carried.  All in favor none opposed

Committee-Updates of Duties of Officers

  • Need to be reviewed to co-inside with By-Laws/Standing Rules
  • Mary Lewandowski/Sandy Mack will review and update for approval

Annual Christmas Donations

  • $xxxx is approved by unit to the following organizations chosen by Lorraine Hanson, Sandy Mack & Kris Gomez


    Support Military Families                                                       $xxx

    National Auxiliary Emergency Fund                                      $xxx

    Veterans & Family Assistance Fund                                      $xxx

    Surgical Assistance Pillows for Veterans                               $xxx

    VA Great Lakes Health Care System                                     $xxx

    WI Veterans Home-Chippewa Falls                                       $xxx

    WI Veterans Home-King                                                        $xxx

    WI Veterans Home-Union Grove                                           $xxx

    Total                                                                                        $xxxx

Poppies by Nancy Wallock on behalf of Shirley Krier

 Poppy distribution at Partnership Bank on November 10 2018.  Please contact Shirley Krier with your choice of hours (Debbie Gabert, Chris Sandoval, and Kris Gomez)

Historian by Kathy Nurek

 Kathy thanked everyone for the thorough reports she has been receiving from everyone.  Please continue to use all volunteers by name and she will start collecting articles and pictures

Ozaukee County War Memorial

Unit has elected to make a monetary donation and is tabled until February 2019 for the amount

Badger Girls by Kris Gomez on behalf of Shirley Krier

Badger girls is looking for help purchasing supplies for the week the girls attend.  Suggestion was made by Sandy Mack that at this time since we sponsor 2 girls at $xxx each that we hold off on a monetary donation.  Nothing else was brought forward

Chaplain Mary Jaeger offered a closing prayer

President Gail Andree-Kjell called the meeting adjourned

Pot of Gold Winner: Barb Frank

Respectfully Submitted:

Sandy Mack-Unit 288 Secretary


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