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Regular Monthly Meeting 09 July 2019


The meeting of this post was called to order by Commander Dennis Jaeger at 1859 hours followed by the appropriate opening ceremonies. 

Roll call of officers was taken with 12 present and 1 absent.  Quorum present.

The Adjutant read the minutes of the June general meeting. There was a motion and second to approve those minutes as read.  The motion was carried.  The June Executive Board meeting minutes were read.  There was a motion and second to approve the Exec. Board minutes as read. The motion was carried



1stVice Jim Lee– No Report.  

2ndVice Robb Hanke– No Report.

3rdVice Jerry Smith– Reported there will be a Rifle Squad practice the 4thSaturday of the month, July 27th at 10 am.

Finance Officer- Dennis Loberger presented the finance report for the month of June 2019.

There was a motion and second to approve the finance report as presented, subject to audit.  The motion was carried.

Bar Report- Rick Seifert reported the month of June was worse than average. Rick reported he has a meeting scheduled with Cress Countertop on July 18thto schedule the bar remodel, possibly in August.

There was a motion and a second to approve the bar report as presented.  The motion was carried.

Fish Fry Report– Gene Szudrowitz reported between 360 and 370 meals served for June. A weak month but not unusual for the summer.

House Report– Gene Szudrowitz reported he has had 3 contractors onsite to look at the wall leak.  The only contractor to talk dollars is McCoy, $10,700 to fix.  There was discussion on different methods to fix the problem. Commander Jaeger stated this issue falls under emergency repairs and that the Executive Board in conjunction with the House Committee will address this issue.  

Chaplain– Jerry Wanty reported he sent a get-well card to Walt Raebel. He and Assistant Chaplain Bill Raymond visited Rod Kison at Cedar Springs.  Chaplain reported Rod is in good spirits and enjoyed the visit and he (Chaplain) might pick him up and bring him to Thursday morning coffee when Rod is well enough to go out.  Commander Jaeger added that a Kison relative approached him and asked permission to speak with the Executive Board regarding Rod’s future plans.

Service Officer– Ed Downey reported on the Building Fund. Ed recommended that the money remaining in the Building Fund be spent on the building; whether it be for the bar remodel or to fix the basement wall.   He also reported that the Building Committee is in the process of designing a plague to recognize donors.  A motion and second was made to approve Ed’s Building Fund report. The motion carried unanimously. 

Historian– John Katzka thanked Jan Batty and Jim Lee’s daughter for providing photos from the 4thof July parade. He added that a mechanism is in place to provide photography going forward.  Commander Jaeger reported Rick Hokans has volunteered to be Post photographer

SAL– Jerry Gomez reported 2020 membership has come in and the SAL with be set to take membership at next months (August) meeting.

Other Committees– None reported.


Commander Jaeger reported on an add by a T-Shirt Company (newlifepatriot.com) selling custom T-shirts commemorating POW/MIA Recognition Day, September 20, 2019.  To qualify for the special price the Post must order 12 shirts at $9.95 each; the shirt will have the Post number and American Legion on the pocket. Any interested parties are to see the commander after the meeting. 

Adjutant had no correspondence to report.


Gene Szudrowitz reported that few Chicken Roast tickets have been sold. Members need to step up, take some tickets and sell them. Gene is also in need of workers for the Chicken Roast. Gene also reported that only 8 people have signed up to work Maxwell street. Maxwell Street is this Sunday, July 14thand we still NEED WORKERS! A signup sheet will be passed around after the meeting.

Commander Jaeger requested an update on monies taken in from parking at Strawberry Fest. Gene Szudrowitz reported that $10,325.00 was deposited from all lots with the exception of Weil Pump which is shared with Festivals and will be reported when we receive our check from Festivals Inc.


Finance officer Dennis Loberger reported there were bills to be paid. 

Motion and second to pay the bills. Motion carried.


Al Klug made a motion to give Camp American Legion $750.00 (10 dollars for every year it has been open).  The motion was seconded. Discussion followed regarding how much the Post donates to camp each year. Motion carried.

Keith Collins spoke regarding Post 288’s cordial relationship with Concordia University Wisconsin (especially with our color guard), and how CUW athletes volunteer for busing tables and washing dishes at Post 288 Fish Fry’s.   CUW needs help funding a new scoreboard and Keith asked if Post 288 would be willing to donate to the project. There was a motion to donate $1,000.00 to CUW for the scoreboard, motion was seconded.  There was discussion regarding increasing the donation. Coach said $1,000.00 is more than adequate.  Motion carried unanimously.  In addition, Dennis Loberger pledged a personal $100.00 to the project.

Commander Jaeger reported the Constitution, By-Laws and Standing Rules are being worked on and will be reviewed by the Executive Board this month and will be presented to the general body at the next meeting in August for approval.

Tom Ingram reported Beyers Hardware has distributed small American Flags around town.  Tom’s concern is that people will not know how to properly dispose of the flags when they become tattered and unserviceable.  There was a motion that the Second Vice (Publicity Chair) should put an article in the local paper(s) on how to dispose of flags properly or for individuals to drop off the flags at the Post. Motion made and seconded, motion carried. 


Commander Jaeger reminded members about the Vets coffee every Thursday, 10 AM, at Jim’s Grille.  

Reminder, No July Fish Frybecause many regular Fish Fry volunteers will be attending Department Convention.


July 2019

$50 – Jeff Hoffmann

$25 – Lew Holtzclaw

$15 – Jim Lee

$10 – Mark Hanrahan


Gary Frank

Kim Queen

There being no further business the meeting ended with the appropriate closing ceremonies and was adjourned at 1956 hours.  


Respectfully submitted, 

Robert Batty


Peter Wollner Post 288

Department of Wisconsin