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W57 N481 Hilbert Ave., Cedarburg, WI




Regular Monthly Meeting 10 October 2017


The meeting was called to order by Commander Bob Batty at 1900 hours followed by the appropriate opening ceremonies.

Roll call of officers was taken with 12 present and 1 absent.   

Commander Batty introduced 2nd District Commander Greg Erich who thanked 1st Vice Department Commander Jim Lee for his hard work on membership.  Greg mentioned the 2nd District Facebook page and talked briefly about the upcoming 2nd District Fall Conference to be held at Grafton Post 355 on October 28thCommander Erich also thanked 2nd District Adjutant Gene Szudrowitz for working with him on updating district files.

Member Erv Herman introduced new member Duane Robertson….a transfer from 2930.



1st Vice Jim Lee – reported we have about 150 members to sign up yet and explained the incentives for paying your dues before November 11th.  Jim also handed out “I Got One” pins to post members Curly Hanrahan, Bob Batty, David Boyles, Debbie Gabert, Rick Siefert, and Gene Eflien for signing up one new member.

2nd Vice Robb Hanke – reported that if you want to put something in a news ad (either the Rivoli or the News Graphic) it needs to be in his e-mail inbox before the 20th of the month.  There was discussion on a possible spelling error in the ad at the Rivoli theater.

3rd Vice Jerry Smith – reported on several things this evening:

  • MFH for post member Gerald Tenpenny on Oct 12th with a walk-thru.
  •  This post has been invited to lead off the CHS Homecoming parade on October13th and Jerry asked for volunteers for the color guard.
  • Rifle Squad practice is scheduled for Saturday, October 14th at 10 a.m.
  • Veterans Day post activities schedule was passed out to the membership.  This information will be posted on the post web page. 

Finance Officer Rod Kison:  reported the following:

  • Checking account balance forwarded 9/1/2017: 
  • Receipts for the month: 
  • Disbursements for the month:
  • Checking account balance 9/30/2017: 
  • Cash funds available less restricted funds : 
  • Rod also mentioned two things not officially in his report:  Dollars from the Cedarburg Festivals committee for Weil Pump parking during Wine and Harvest Festival.
  • Received from the CFD for the October 1st Maxwell Street parking

There was a motion and second to approve the September finance report as presented.  The motion was carried.

Bar Report Rick Siefert – reported a good month at the bar.  Fish Fry bar income and dollars from charge cards.  Rick reported the income that the Old Timers Golf banquet took in, and that they donated half to the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight.

Deposits for the month:   

Expenses for the month: 

Balance in the Bar and Fish Fry account:

There was a motion and second to accept the Bar report as presented.  The motion was carried.

Fish Fry Report – Gene Szudrowitz – reported that 397 meals were served at the September fish fry.

House Report Gene Szudrowitz – reported the front door was fixed but that the closer needs to be replaced.  This door was fixed at no cost to us by Skip from S & K Services, a local handyman who belongs to Post 457 in Mequon.  The urinal in the men’s basement bathroom needs to be fixed and the refrigerator in the kitchen is not holding temperature.                                                     

Chaplain Kent Bolyard – reported that the Last Bugle has been sent in for post member Gerald Tenpenny.  Kent also reported on the details of this member up coming MFH.

Service Officer Ed Downey – reported that about 6 post members attended a birthday party at Aurora Hospital in Grafton (at the request of the hospital) and that this veteran is now a new post member.

Historian Bob Skidmore – thanked 3rd Vice Commander Jerry Smith and the Great Lakes Chapter 73 Special Forces Association for their recent Honor Guard participation at a CUW home football game and thanked the post’s Auxiliary for their recent fashion show.

SAL Commander Jerry Gomez – reported SAL membership at about 43%.

Judge Advocate – Keith Collins – reporting tonight Commander Batty - reported that he and Keith are revising the post constitution and by laws and bringing them up to date. These will have to be approved by the general membership. 



Commander Batty reported on a letter from the Cedarburg Grafton Rotary Club who asked that we place an ad in MSO performance at the Cedarburg PAC.  Commander Batty reported that this organization has donated several dollars to our post building fund.  Following discussion, there was a motion to proceed to place an ad.  The motion was carried.

Commander Batty reported that the North Shore Marine League Detachment 1289 has given us dollars for their monthly use of our building and that they also gave us a check for our post building fund.



Commander Batty reported that the 2nd District Fall Conference will be held on October 28th at Grafton Post 355.

Commander Batty reported on a benefit dinner for Ryan’s Medical Service Dog (Sid Prom’s son) to be held on October 7th.  Following discussion, there was a motion and second to buy one ticket.  The motion was carried. 



Commander Batty reported on the board meeting of Badger Boys State and that he was elected Chairman of the Board and that NEC Bob Shappell was elected Director. Commander Batty reported that this week long event for WI boys has been running in the red for about 8 years.  Because of this, the cost to sponsor a boy is going up. This raise in fees will result in a positive cash flow for Badger Boys State.

Board Member Greg Jourdain – reported on a possible weapons raffle with costs of this raffle to be $5 a ticket or 5 tickets for $20.  Following discussion, there was a motion and second to approve the purchase of 3 weapons for this raffle.  The motion was carried.  This raffle will run about six weeks.

Commander Batty reported that the executive board has authorized the Commander to hire a full time attorney and that we will do regular audits with one yearly audit in which the accountant will produce a report which will be given to every member of the post. 



Commander Batty reminded all of the weekly coffee hour at Jim’s Grille in Cedarburg every Thursday starting at 10 a.m.

1st Vice Jim Lee – reported that he will have the schedule out for the post Salvation Army bell ringers next month (this will run from a week before Thanksgiving right up to Christmas Eve).

Gene Szudrowitz announced that this post will host an American Legion College Basic Course on January 13, 2018.  More information will follow. 



$50 – George Pesik

$25 – Shelby Loberger

$15 – Kim Elias

$10 – Roberta Herman (donated back to the post building fund)



Rick Siefert and Dick Engert


Their being no further business the meeting ended with the appropriate closing ceremonies and was adjourned at 2021 hours. 


Respectfully submitted,


Dennis Jaeger


Peter Wollner Post 288


The Mighty 2nd District

Department of Wisconsin

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