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Regular Monthly Meeting 08 October 2019


The meeting of this post was called to order by Commander Dennis Jaeger at 1900 hours followed by the appropriate opening ceremonies. 

Roll call of officers was taken with 11 present and 2 absent.

Commander Jaeger introduced Cedarburg Police Officer, Patrol Sergeant Joe Kell who provided the membership with a short talk on active shooters.  He then took questions from the membership.  

The Adjutant read the minutes of the September general meeting. There was a motion and second to approve those minutes as read.  The motion was carried.

The Adjutant read the minutes of the September Executive Board meeting. There was a motion and second to approve those minutes as read.  The motion was carried.


Commander introduced Legion notables attending meeting.

Introduction of Guests: Marco Musich, new member.  


1st Vice Jim Lee: Membership at a standstill. Two members paid tonight.  Membership is at 63% with 220 members paid and a goal of 347.  Our current standing in Ozaukee County is 4th out of 8. The Post has signed up nine new members this year and we are the only post in the Second District with that many new members. November 2, 2019, 1 to 4 Pm our Post will be having a membership rally or Buddy Check, will need post members to help out.  Members from other local posts will attend but will work on membership from their individual posts.  On a separate topic, need members to sign up for bell Ringing for the Salvation Army Post Bell Ringers.

2nd Vice Robb Hanke: No Report

3rd Vice Jerry Smith: No Report

Finance Officer Dennis Loberger: Dennis presented the Finance Report to the General Membership.

There was a motion and second to approve the Finance Report as read. The motion was carried.


Bar Report Rick Seifert: Rick presented the Bar Income and Expense Report to the General Membership.

Overall, a good month.  Rick also reported on the 65” TV that was purchased for the bar and has been installed and what projects still remain to complete the bar remodel.    

There was a motion and second to approve the Bar Report as read. The motion was carried.

Fish Fry Report Gene Szudrowitz: Gene reported 383 meals served for the September Fish Fry.

House Report: With the 4” of rain the basement again took on water. Will need to determine if the water entered through the new patch or elsewhere and what further repairs are required.  Birchwood has presented and the post has accepted a contract for snowplowing at the Post.

Chaplain: Tom Scribner passed away.  Chaplain sent a Sympathy Card.  Get well card sent to Dave Boyles.  Walt Raebel had minor surgery and is back home doing well.

Service Officer: No Report.  Ed Downey presented a list of items that need doing around the Post. The list has been given to the House Chair for scheduling. 

Historian: No Report

SAL: Jerry Gomez reported 31 of 66 SAL members have paid their dues.  Summer Sounds parking netted the SAL $2,169.00.

Other Committees: None

CORRESPONDENCE:  Commander Jaeger read a letter from John and Becky Helmlinger thanking Dan Calbow and the Post for folding the National Colors belonging to their Uncle Franks and placing it in a frame; they donated $50.00 to the Post.  The Cedarburg – Grafton Rotary Club sent a letter requesting the Post purchase advertising in their program booklet. Motion and second to donate $550 for ad with Rotary, motion carried. 

Commander Jaeger received a late bid from LaRosa for snowplowing.  While LaRosa donated landscaping to the Post; Birchwood’s proposal was lower, and we already have a signed contract with Birchwood.  Commander Jaeger will contact LaRosa to explain the situation.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS:    New flags and halyards are at the Post.  Gene Szudrowitz has contacted the Fire Department to schedule installation of the halyards, but no date set as of yet.  Membership viewed an A.L.I.C.E. video presentation prepared by the Towson University Media Department and provided by Keith Collins through Concordia University.   Bill Raymond followed up the presentation by announcing A.L.I.C.E. training at the Post on Saturday, Nov. 2nd at 10 AM.

Finance Officer – Bills to be paid? Total $270.22. Motion and second to pay the bills, motion carried.

NEW BUSINESS:  Commander Jaeger asked for a donation to the Ozaukee County Veterans Memorial in Port Washington.  After Discussion, there was a motion and second to make a $1,000 donation to Ozaukee County Veterans Memorial, motion carried.

Buddy check week to be held October 26th through November 2nd.  Cedarburg will host the southern unit and Saukville Post the northern unit.  Also, on November 2nd is To Whom Honor is Due program and dinner at 5 p.m. hosted by CUW.  The Post will provide a 4 person Color Guard and one NCOIC.  

Second District Fall Conference held in Sheboygan at the Elks Club on October 26th.

Commander Jaeger inquired about the status of returning rifles to the Army Tank Command.  George Maumee stated that he and Jerry Smith have inventoried the rifles and are investigating the option of perhaps transferring them to the Cedarburg-Grafton VFW Post.  George will advise on the outcome of said proposal.


A Flag Etiquette course will be hosted by the Mequon Thiensville Post 457 sometime in January or February 2020.  It will be 2-hour course, more information to follow.

Commander Jaeger announced the schedule of Veterans Day activities as follows: Monday, November 11th at 10 a.m., Webster, will need a color guard, flag folding, rifle squad and Taps.  Monday, November 11th at 2 p.m., Westlawn, will need a color guard, flag folding, Taps.  Tuesday, November 12th, at 1 p.m., First Emmanuel, no further information at this time.

On Veterans Day, November 11th, the Auxiliary will host a luncheon at 12 noon at the Post for all members and interested Veterans.

Commander Jaeger announced an ad hoc committee to plan for the Open House celebrating the building addition and bar remodel.  Committee members are Dennis Jaeger, Bob and Jan Batty, Mary Garner, Kim Queen, Jim Lee, Rick Siefert, Tom Ingram, and Dick Dieffenbach.  Target date for the Open House is early spring 2020.


$50 – Ed Downey

$25 – Gunther Bruckner

$15 – Lou Holtsclaw

$10 – Mike Barickmo


Terry Ronsman

Ray Ronchetti


There being no further business the meeting ended with the appropriate closing ceremonies and was adjourned at 2050 hours.  


Respectfully submitted, 


Robert Batty, PDC


Peter Wollner Post 288

Department of Wisconsin