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Regular Monthly Meeting 12 March 2019


The monthly general membership meeting of this post was called to order by Commander Bob Batty at 1900 hours followed by the appropriate opening ceremonies. 

Roll call of officers was taken with 10 present and 3 absent.

Kristin Burkhart and some of her Girl Scouts chose to donate 51 boxes of cookies with 30 more coming to the Post. Kristin introduced new member Doug Lafave, US Army, to the Post.

Brian Lee, US Navy, introduced himself to the post as a new member. 

The Acting Adjutant read the minutes of the February general meeting and February executive board meeting.  There was a motion and second to approve both minutes as read.  Both motions were carried.



Bob Batty reported we need 10 renewals or new members, 8 after tonight’s new members to reach 100%.    

2nd Vice Robb Hanke – told the group that April’s General Meeting will be a joint meeting hosted by the Auxiliary with a luncheon at 6pm. Robb reminded everyone that the Auxiliary will be hosting the Kentucky Derby the first weekend

3rd Vice Jerry Smith – Jerry reported that there are 75 days until Memorial Day and informed the membership that the next Memorial Day committee meeting will be held on March 21st at 7 p.m.  Jerry reported that MFH are will be held for a veteran this Wednesday at Mueller Funeral Home in Cedarburg.  The next rifle squad practice will be Saturday, 3/23/2019 starting at 10 a.m.

Finance Officer Dennis Loberger - Reported the following for the month of February 2019:

  • Checking account balance forwarded 2/1/2019: 
  • Total receipts: 
  • Total disbursements: 
  • Checking account balance 2/28/2019: 
  • Cash funds available less restricted funds 2/28/2019: 

There was a motion and second to approve the finance report as presented.  The motion was carried.

House Report Gene Szudrowitz – 335 dinners for the Fish Fry. The Chicken Roast will be held again this year as we sold out chickens last year.

Historian Bob Skidmore said the Auxiliary is looking at having a car show at the Post, possibly in conjunction with the Chicken Roast depending on scheduling of other car shows.         

Chaplain Jerry Wanty –Sent out get well cards to Walt Raebel and Dick Engart

Historian Bob Skidmore – Reported that Janet Kraemer retired December 31. Nancy Wallock had local churches and school kids make Valentine Day cards and distributed them to various locations with veterans. Extremely well received. It will be highlighted in the newsletter.

SAL – made a donation to purchase stuffed dogs for the Just Dog activity, which gives them to children of families whose parent(s) are being deployed. The Auxiliary matched that amount.

  •  The SAL presented its second installment check for the Building Fund to Commander Batty

Judge Advocate Keith Collins – said that the next meeting we will be going over the Constitution and By-Laws. He requested any input that anyone has on that tonight so he can incorporate any suggestions or concerns






Commander Batty reminded everyone that the party for the American Legion 100th Birthday will be held this Saturday with cocktails at 5pm and dinner at 6pm. Bob Shappell will be the keynote speaker.

Finance Officer Dennis Loberger – mentioned several outstanding bills to be paid.  There was a motion and second to pay all bills.  The motion was carried.



Commander Batty mentioned the 2nd District Spring Meeting will be held on Saturday, April 27 at the Horicon Post starting at 9am.

Commander Batty said the Department Spring Meeting will be held May 10 and 11 with the Commander’s Testimonial to be held at the Ball Room in Portage at 5pm on May 11th

Commander Batty said the Commander’s Legacy 100 Run will be July 14 – 17 with registration in Ashland.

Commander Batty said the Ozaukee County work party at Camp American Legion will be held the week of May 13 for anyone who wants to help out. The Commander has a sign-up sheet.



Commander Batty reminded everyone about our coffee get together every Thursday morning at 10am at Jim’s Grille

Sweat 4 Vets is May 18, Grafton to Cedarburg. $20 to sign up for the walk with a T shirt provided. The funds will be donated to a group that provides companion dogs.

Jerry Smith reminded everyone that March is women’s history month. Over 200,000 women have served our nation. March 29 is Vietnam Veterans Day.

George Banda will be speaking at the Milwaukee Military Historians Club in Grafton next Monday. Reservation required for a meal. 



March 2019                                        

$50 – Jim Lee

$25 – Kris Gomez                                          

$15 – Kyle Ross                                                                            

$10 – Cindy Collins       



Keith Mason and Kent Bolyard


After the Pot of Gold a memorial service was held for those members we lost in 2018.

Those individuals are Franklin W Krueger, Helmut Koepp, Robert Langnes, Leroy Mellendorf, James Franks, Alan C Kindt, Myron Lange, Richard Howell, Harvey Gruenwald, Nicholas Schultz, Kenneth Wacha, Thomas Mayer, Robert Fischer and Harold Miller


There being no further business the meeting ended with the appropriate closing ceremonies and was adjourned at 1953 hours.

Respectfully submitted,


Dennis Loberger

Acting Adjutant

Finance Officer

Peter Wollner Post 288

Department of Wisconsin