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Executive Board Meeting 16 March 2021


The meeting was called to order by Commander Dennis Jaeger at 1900 hours followed by the appropriate opening ceremonies.  

Roll call of officers was taken with 12 present and 2 absent.  Quorum present.

Guests: Terry Ronsman, CKC Graphics – Tom Berk, Kristin Burkhardt

SPECIAL PRESENTATION – Tom Berk from CKC Graphics presented the sign designs. After Tom Berk left the premises there was discussion regarding which of the four sign formats to select.  

Motion to approve sign design #2, motion by Kim Queen, second by Jerry Smith.  Motion carried, 10 yea, 2 nays.  

Motion to present sign proposal at the next general membership meeting.  Motion by Art Filter, second by Rick Seifert.  Motion carried unanimously.



1st Vice Jim Lee – Jim reported that membership is down this year.  Due to several deceased members, transfers-out from the Post, non-renewals who have not responded to membership pleas and fewer new members this year, it is likely the Post will not be 100% in membership. 

2nd Vice Robb Hanke – No Report

3rd Vice Jerry Smith – Reported on proposed Memorial Day ceremonies. Jerry inquired of Kristin Burkhardt (Common Council member) if there would be a 4th of July parade in Cedarburg this year.  Kristin replied that to her knowledge there has been no decision made as of yet. Jerry stated that if the decision is to hold the parade the Post should participate.

Finance Officer Dennis Loberger – Reported the Post IRS form 990 has been filed for year 2020. Dennis also updated the committee on the Post financial standing this year vs. pre-pandemic year.  While Post revenues were down so too were Post expenses. All things considered; it was a relatively successful year.

Motion by Jerry Smith to accept the Finance Report, Second by Kim Queen. Motion carried unanimously.

Bar Chairman Rick Siefert – February was a slow month with Rotary meetings, the Iceberg Open and Lions meetings totaling revenue of $885.00. Expenses totaled $506.45. Rick reported on City inspections of ice chest drains and easy modification of drain lines.

House Chairman Ed Downey – Ed met with Rural Insurance, they did an inspection and audit; the Post will be getting a $500.00 rebate.  Ed presented copies of the original deeds to the Post stating that the Post has ownership of the property in perpetuity unless the Legion no longer inhabits said property which it then reverts back to City ownership. Ed presented historical items that he discovered while cleaning out the basement. Jerry Smith, Kim Queen and Bob Batty will look into the disposition of these historical items.

Chaplain Jerry Wanty – No Report

Assistant Chaplain Bill Raymond – No Report

Judge Advocate Tom Ingram – Reported on the ability of the Post commander to call for a general membership meeting, referencing the Post Constitution and Bylaws. The Bylaws being silent on that matter it was decided the commander could call a meeting. There was also discussion regarding a motion that canceled all general meetings through the month of March 2021.  No mention of that motion was found in any of the Executive Board Meeting minutes from March of 2020 to present.  Therefore, it was decided the commander, or the Executive Board could call for a general membership meeting to be held.

Motion by Jerry Smith to hold a general membership meeting April 13, 2021, second by Kim Queen. Motion carried unanimously.

Immediate Past Commander/Adjutant Bob Batty – No Report



Art Filter – No Report

Rick Siefert – Rick reported on the possibility of the Auxiliary taking over the Fish Fry.  It was decided the Legion should maintain ownership of the Fish Fry. Rick also reported on Mel’s Charities co-sponsoring an event with the Legion and a possible donation to the Post of $500.00.  

Brian Kjell – Absent

Kim Queen – No Report



Commander Jaeger read a letter from the CHS Fine Arts Boosters requesting a donation.  Request was denied based upon a prior Post motion not to give out donations during the pandemic and until the Post has positive revenues.

Commander Jaeger read a letter from the Easterseals of Wisconsin seeking a donation.  Donation denied at this time.

Commander Jaeger read a letter from Tootl Transport that provides wheelchair transport, etc. 

Commander Jaeger read a thank you letter from Post member Gene Szudrowitz regarding his recovery from a fall. 

Commander Jaeger read a letter from the Ozaukee County Jail Literacy Program seeking a donation. The donation was denied at this time for lack of Post revenues due to pandemic.  



BILLS TO BE PAID: Finance Officer Dennis Loberger read the bills.

Motion to pay the bills by Jim Lee, second by Tom Ingram. Motion carried unanimously.

Dennis Loberger gave an update on Clover who processes our credit card revenues regarding merging this account into the general account so that he has only to deal with one profit and loss statement. 

Commander Jaeger reported that County Commander Jim Schmidt will visit the Post at our April 13thgeneral membership meeting.

Jim Lee reported the Chicken Roast will be held Sunday, July 25, 2021 from 11 A.M. to 5:30 P.M.



Commander Jaeger reported on the 2nd District Spring Conference to be held Saturday, April 24th at Horicon Post 157.  Looking to sign-up delegates from the Post.

Commander Jaeger reported on holding a fundraising event in conjunction with the Lions Club on May 1st (Kentucky Derby).  The partnership is: Post will keep the bar receipts; the Lions keep the rest.


Good of the Legion  

Department Convention – Middleton Marriot West – July 14-18, 2021. 

Commander Jaeger inquired if the Post wished to have its annual Spaghetti Dinner and awards night.  Discussion ensued and the responses were positive to have the dinner and awards night and to have the awards portion include the missed 2020 as well as the 2021 membership year. 

Motion by Jerry Smith to have spaghetti dinner and awards night on July 13th, second by Dennis Loberger.  Motion carried unanimously.

There being no further business the meeting ended with the appropriate closing ceremonies and was

Adjourned at 2045 hours.

Respectfully submitted, 


Robert S. Batty, PDC


Peter Wollner Post 288

Department of Wisconsin