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Executive Board Meeting 22 October 2019


The meeting was called to order by Commander Dennis Jaeger at 1900 hours followed by the appropriate opening ceremonies.  

Roll call of officers was taken with 15 present and 1 absent.  Quorum present.

Guests: none


1st Vice Jim Lee – Membership is at 65.13%, there were 8 renewals this week, with 1 deceased. Will be performing Buddy Check on November 2nd at Cedarburg, Post 288.  

2nd Vice Robb Hanke – Would like to work with the newsletter editor (Jan Batty) for compiling ads.  Would like input from officers and members of the Executive Board regarding content of articles for publishing in the News Graphic.  Will put together an article for the Rotary publication. Discussion regarding working with the Auxiliary on joint publication of paid ads.

3rd Vice Jerry Smith – Eagle Scout Project – Stands for flags project was to be completed by end of October.  Jerry contacted the Scouts, but he has yet to receive a response.  The Cedarburg History Museum will take down the Post display this Thursday after coffee, Jerry could use help packing up the display and returning the materials to the Post.  Veterans Day schedule is finalized, and a schedule of events has been emailed to interested parties, Jerry verbally went through the schedule of events and provided a typed handout.   Commander Jaeger encouraged all of the Executive Board members to attend all or as many of the scheduled Veterans Day activities as they possibly are able.  There was discussion regarding flag folding at all of the Veterans Day events; some members believe we are over-doing that activity.

Finance Officer Dennis Loberger – Bills to be paid:  $575.00 to clean the post.  The Van Dinter family donated a check for $50.00 to the Post Building Fund in honor of deceased member Bob Van Dinter.  

Bar Chairman Rick Siefert – Rick reported the bar had a very good month. Bookings plus the Fish Fry provided for income in excess of $5,000.00.  He also reported the new TV is installed and working and will be available for the Auxiliary’s Packer party.  Art Filter asked if we were going to purchase a larger TV for the opposite corner of the bar, adjacent to the window.  That option is under discussion but as yet no firm decision has been made.

House Chairman Gene Szudrowitz – Gene reported the rugs have been cleaned. P&R is coming in to clean Post top to bottom.  Caulked all along the building edge to prevent leakage and will check basement for mold under carpet.  Lumber in for the windows.  Gene provided a profit and loss report for the last 3 months; the Post posted a profit of $14,000.00.  September net income was $3,600.00.  Entire report is available for review.  Contract for snowplowing is locked-in with Birchwood.  

Chaplain Jerry Wanty – The chaplain reported he went to Tom Scribner’s funeral last Saturday, where he presented a Bible.  The family reported problems with securing honor guard and the appropriate military personnel due to the fact they did not have Tom’s DD214. This issue was rectified but not in time for our honor guard to participate.

Assistant Chaplain Bill Raymond – No Report

Judge Advocate Tom Ingram – No Report

Immediate Past Commander Bob Batty – Digital Edge in Grafton will be the printer for the post newsletter.  Price is in line with current and former printers.  Motions and second to move Newsletter printing to Digital Edge in Grafton.  Motion carried.

Elected Board Members

Art Filter – Wayne’s Drive In – Nov.11th free meal for veterans or active duty from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., up to $10.

Rick Siefert – No Report

Brian Kjell – Brian commented that wainscoting was to have been installed in the storage room to protect the walls from scrapes; it hasn’t been installed and should be done when funds are available. Gene Szudrowitz commented the wainscoting in on a long list of things to be done at the Post.

Kim Queen – Requested we put link on Post website to “Doc” Dentice website where he lists all veteran activities occurring within the vicinity.  Mission Barbeque and Wahlberger offer free meals to veterans and active duty military on Veterans Day.  The Pelt Center located on Mequon Road will offer a presentation by Dr. Guy Stern on his experiences during WWII, next Thursday, October 31st at 7 p.m.  All veterans and the general public are welcome to attend.  Post 288 Color Guard will present the colors.  On Saturday, November 9th, at 12 p.m. at the Pelt Center The Jewish War Veterans is sponsoring a Veteran’s Kiddish, which is a luncheon after services and is open to veterans of all faiths; but make certain you wear a hat of some kind. 

Adjutant Bob Batty – No Report


Commander Jaeger read a letter from the Broadway Theatre Center which is presenting an Armed Forces Day Big Band Celebration featuring Dick Strauss and his orchestra on November 11th at 7 p.m. Tickets are $40.00 each at the door.

The Commander received an email from Jeanie Miller regarding the Dawn of the Red Arrow movie.  She included a poster advertising the movie which will be shown at the Rivoli on November 10th.  


Commander Jaeger asked for an update on the US Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command and the status of returning rifles.  He was advised by Jerry Smith that there is no further information at this time.  

New flags were ordered and have been received for the Post memorial and we are waiting on the fire department truck to string the halyards. Gene said the ladder truck in for repair and will be tied up for another two weeks.  There was discussion having someone else install the halyards, but it was decided to wait for the fire department truck.  

There was nothing new to report on the monument repair being performed by Hilgendorf.

The window siding repairs on the building should be finished by October 23rd.  


On November 2nd, at 5 p.m., our Honor Guard will perform for the program, “For Whom Honor is Due” at Concordia University.  Tom Ingram is a special guest and will be “honored” during the program. 

Jim Lee needs volunteers to sign up for bell ringing for the Salvation Army from now until December 24th.  See Jim for available dates and times.  

Commander Jaeger reported on Veterans Day activities: Webster Middle School, November 11th at 10 a.m.; Westlawn, same day at 2 p.m.; First Emmanuel Lutheran School, November 12th at 1 p.m.

Bills to be Paid: Finance Officer Dennis Loberger reported $575.00 to clean the post.  There was a motion and a second to pay the bills.  Motion carried.

Good of the Legion  

Manager at Rivoli sent over four free tickets. 


There being no further business the meeting ended with the appropriate closing ceremonies and was

Adjourned at 2002 hours.


Respectfully submitted, 

Robert S. Batty, PDC


Peter Wollner Post 288

Department of Wisconsin