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Executive Board Meeting 27 November 2018


The meeting was called to order by Commander Bob Batty at 1900 hours followed by the appropriate opening ceremonies. 

Roll call of officers was taken with 13 present and 3 absent.

Guests:  Ed Garza, Veteran Service Officer at CUW, who spoke about a new program at CUW.  Specifically, CUW is looking for a Legion post to partner with the university where any veteran who is in an undergraduate class will receive a certain amount of money per class; a veteran who is in an MBA program at CUW will receive a different amount per class.  This board will consider this at a later date.



House Chair Gene Szudrowitz – reported on what this post pays in sales tax each month (report is attached).  Gene reported on all accounts that this post has. 

All accounts: 

Building Fund: 

Credit card: 

Legion General account: 

Bar & food: 

Money Market

Savings account: 

Certificates of Deposit: 

Profit/Loss from Fish Fry in October: 

Profit/Loss YTD as of 10/31/2018 in Fish Fry account: 

Adjutant Dennis Jaeger asked about monies in the video game machines.  Commander Batty said from an accountability standpoint this needs to be fixed and said the Finance Committee should look into this. 

Gene also reported that we have mice in the basement.  Batzner has been notified of this problem.                                                      

Chaplain Jerry Wanty  – Jerry reported post member Bob McPherson is still in the hospital.  Service Officer Ed Downey reported post member Bob Stelter is not doing well.

Assistant Chaplain Bill Raymond – asked that this post should publish deceased members in our local newsletter. 

Chaplain Raymond stated he will handle this. 

Board member Greg Jourdain – reported he will be working on finishing touches to our new addition.

Board member Tom Ingram – reported on an article in the News Graphic on the Milwaukee Veterans Homeless Initiative. 

Adjutant Dennis Jaeger – asked about who is responsible for cleaning the bathrooms.  Currently, they are cleaned once a month after the fish fry by the people who clean the kitchen following a fish fry.  

A lengthy discussion followed on this subject and Commander Batty will chair an ad hoc committee that will address this problem and the duties of the House Chair.   Persons on this committee will be Commander Batty, Adjutant Dennis Jaeger, Judge Advocate Keith Collins, Board member Greg Jourdain, and House Chair Gene Szudrowitz

Greg Jourdain volunteered to clean bathrooms until House Chair duties have been determined. 

Dennis also mentioned that the 2nd District 4 Chaplains dinner will be on Saturday, February 2nd, 2019.  Please save the date!



Commander Batty read a thank you letter to this post for MFH for post member Kenneth Wacha.



There was discussion on the painting done by Robb Helf (a painting of post member Jeff Hoffman) who want to sell their painting at our fish fry's.  Following discussion, it was determined that this post would not allow this practice.



3rd Vice Commander Jerry Smith – made a motion to donate to Healing Patriots.  There was a second to the motion and following discussion, the motion was carried. 



Service Officer Ed Downey – reported on post by-laws that we are not following.  First, on December 14, 2010 this post dropped from standing rules the item that covered cleaning the post.  Second, our by-laws state that any expenditure over $250 shall require “adequate bond” for the person doing this transaction.  No person in this post is bonded.  Third, the duties of the Finance Officer “shall have charge of all finances and see that they are safely deposited in a local bank and bank shall report once a month at the post meeting the condition of the finances of the post.  The Finance Officer shall sign all checks dispersing the monies of the post”. 

Following a lengthy discussion, Commander Batty reported that this issue will also be discussed in the ad hoc committee that is discussing the duties of the House Chair.

Board Member Tom Ingram – reported on the Christmas party for Zablocki veterans and asked for help for this event.  Tom reported expenses for this event in which checks are already cut and asked where monies would come from.  Following discussion, it was decided monies would come from the poppy fund. 

Adjutant Dennis Jaeger – asked for volunteers for frying fish during our fish fry in 2019.  A 2019 schedule for frying fish will be coming out in late December.


There being no further business the meeting ended with the appropriate closing ceremonies and was adjourned at 2023 hours. 


Respectfully submitted,

Dennis Jaeger


Peter Wollner Post 288


Ozaukee County Council

The Mighty 2nd District

Department of Wisconsin