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Executive Board Meeting 27 August 2019


The meeting was called to order by Commander Dennis Jaeger at 1900 hours followed by the appropriate opening ceremonies. 


Roll call of officers was taken with 8 present and 6 absent. Quorum present.


Commander Jaeger introduced Legion notables: Past County Commander and current Finance Officer Dennis Loberger; Past Second District Adjutant Gene Szudrowitz. 


Guests: Historian John Katzka 




1st Vice Jim Lee – Absent - Commander Jaeger reported that 1st Vice Commander Jim Lee reported to him that we are “off and running” with membership.  With on-line signups and the first transmittal we currently have 185 members renewed, 53.1% of membership. New membership guidelines, anyone serving from Dec 7, 1941 and honorably discharged is eligible to join


2nd Vice Robb Hanke – 2nd Vice Robb Hanke had a power outage at work and was unable to attend. It was recommended that the new eligibility dates be in our advertising


3rd Vice Jerry Smith – Military Funeral Honors are scheduled for tomorrow at noon and again Friday at 3:45p at Grace Lutheran Church in Grafton. There is a color guard at CHS at 7pm, Friday, August 30 at 7pm. There are 272 days to next Memorial Day, May 25, 2020.


Finance Officer Dennis Loberger -  reported bills to be paid. There was a motion and second to pay all bills. The motion was carried


Bar Chairman Rick Siefert – Rick reported that work will start on the bar on August 28th and will take about a week. He expressed his disappointment that the plumber and electrician hadn’t been arranged despite numerous reminders. There was a lengthy discussion and the decision


House Chairman Gene Szudrowitz – Reported that it has yet to be determined if the leak is actually solved, although there is no evidence of a leak. Ed Downey said that there was, in fact, no leak after the most recent rainfall. There remains a concern about mold in the walls which Kim Queen and Ed Downey will investigate. Gene said that the carpet will be cleaned by Adelman. Concrete Plus will complete the concrete work once we are certain the leak has been fixed.  We are still having problems with the Air Conditioner as a result of a poor fan installed with the new A/C.


Chaplain Jerry Wanty – The Chaplain reported that he has sent get well cards to the following on sick call: Robert Charmoli, George Maumee and Bill Raymond. Bill did join us at this meeting. Tom Ingram suggested we need a new call list prepared. The Commander offered to help Jerry with that


Assistant Chaplain Bill Raymond – Dennis Jaeger reported that the 7 minute active shooter video will be shown at the September meeting. There will be a police officer scheduled to present active shooter training on Saturday, November 2. More info to follow.


Judge Advocate Tom Ingram– No report


Executive Board members – No reports


Adjutant/Immediate Past Commander Bob Batty – Not present


CORRESPONDENCE – Commander Jaeger reported receiving correspondence from Mary Bartlet with a $25 memorial for Bob Van Dinter and from Gail Davis $50 in memory of Bob Van Dinter. There was a total of 13 other checks memorializing Bob Van Dinter totaling $490 and $200 in cash. We received correspondence for the US Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command indicating that we must return enough rifles to get us down to the maximum of 15. Complying with this will allow us to obtain our own ammunition rather than relying on the VFW. Jerry Smith said that he and George Maumee will select the rifles to keep and return the rest.


UNFINISHED BUSINESS – Commander Jaeger stated that the POW/MIA shirts ordered at a previous meeting are in and will be distributed after the meeting.  The Commander requested reimbursement of $105.60 for the No Parking signs. A motion was made and seconded to repay the Commander. The motion carried.


NEW BUSINESS – Flags have been replaced. The cords need to be replaced on all flags. It is estimated that about 400 ft will be needed. We presently have cord on hand. The last cords lasted 2 years. Goetz St. Louis Legion Post 522 have a golf outing scheduled for Saturday, September 21 at 10am at Arrowhead Golf Course in Richfield. It is a 2 person scramble at $50 per person


GOOD OF THE LEGION – The next Ozaukee County Council meeting will be held on September 5 at 7pm at Waubeka. The Flag Retirement will be held in Grafton at 6pm on October 3, 2019.


There being no further business the meeting ended with the appropriate closing ceremonies and was adjourned at 2039 hours.


Respectfully submitted,


Dennis Loberger

Acting Adjutant

Finance Officer

Peter Wollner Post 288