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Executive Board Meeting 23 April 2019


The meeting was called to order by Commander Bob Batty at 1900 hours followed by the appropriate opening ceremonies. 

Roll call of officers was taken with 14 present and 2 absent.



1st Vice Jim Lee – we are 4 short for 100% of membership.

2nd Vice Robb Hanke – asked what we want to run for next month’s ad in the News Graphic. There will be a 100 year anniversary display at the Cedarburg History Museum.  This display will be open from Memorial Day thru Veterans Day in 2019. Robb reported on the cost of food for last month’s general meeting.  Following discussion, there was a motion and second for Robb to use his discretion when purchasing food for our general meeting.  The motion was carried. 

3rd Vice Jerry Smith – reported the next Memorial Day committee meeting is Wednesday, May 1st starting at 7 p.m.  Rifle squad practice will be April 27th at 10 a.m. here at the post followed by a color guard practice. 

Finance Officer Dennis Loberger – reported a statement from John Szudrowitz.  There was a motion and second to pay all the bills.  The motion was carried. 

House Report Gene Szudrowitz – reported 446 meals served at our April fish fry.  Gene presented a profit/loss statement from January thru March 2019.  Gene reported our new hall air conditioner still is not working.  Gene reported a plumber will be in next week to finish installation of our basement sink.  There was discussion on the Lions Club sign on our building. 

Chaplain Jerry Wanty – reported sending out two get well cards to post members. 

Board Member Tom Ingram – asked why a post representative (not including bartenders) is not here when our hall is rented out.  Lengthy discussion followed.  This is in our by-laws and it is agreed it should be followed.....getting enough volunteers for this is a problem. 



Commander Batty read a letter from the Cedarburg Lions Club who has made a donation to our post.  Some of it goes to the Camp American Legion; to the bartenders at Lions meetings; to the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight; and for Badger Boys State.  THANK YOU Cedarburg Lions Club. 

Commander Batty reported complaints from our Auxiliary about bathroom cleaning.  The Commander presented a contract from John Szudrowitz for bathroom cleaning for a certain amount per month.  Following discussion, this contract was amended from “routine” inspections to “weekly” inspections.  There was a motion and second to approve this contract as amended.  The motion was carried.  There was also discussion on adding a “cleaning” fee in addition to our regular hall rental.  No action was taken on this. 



House Chair Gene Szudrowitz reported that the new POS system is being programmed tomorrow and he hopes this new system is up and running by our May fish fry. 

1st Vice Jim Lee – reported that the Cedarburg Lions Club will be here for an officer installation dinner on Tuesday, May 28th and he asked if this executive board could hold our meeting in the basement.  It was agreed this board would meet in the basement. 

Judge Advocate Keith Collins – asked about a recent “cartoon” in the News Graphic about Memorial Day parade.  A lengthy discussion followed. 



Service Officer Ed Downey – reported on what's left to do on our building addition.  Ed reported we need 3 days for Sandmasters to finish our hall flooring.  The following costs were provided: Floor refinishing, Plumbing in the basement, and the driveway resealing.  These funds will come out of our building fund.  After paying for the above, our building fund balance was announced.  There was a motion and second to approve the above expenditures.  The motion was carried. 


There being no further business the meeting ended with the appropriate closing ceremonies and was adjourned at 2012 hours. 


Respectfully submitted,


Dennis Jaeger


Peter Wollner Post 288


Ozaukee County Council

The Mighty 2nd District

Department of Wisconsin