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Executive Board Meeting 25 February 2020


The meeting was called to order by Commander Dennis Jaeger at 1900 hours followed by the appropriate opening ceremonies.  

Roll call of officers was taken with 13 present and 3 absent.  Quorum present.

Guests: None


1st Vice Jim Lee – Jim reported there are 41 members yet to renew however, we only need 13 renewals to reach 100%.  Many of the 41 members are those who have not paid in the last two years and will be removed from the roster next membership year.  Jim will continue to seek membership dues from these individuals.  Jim also reported that so far this year we signed-up 14 new members.

2nd Vice Robb Hanke – No Report

3rd Vice Jerry Smith – Jerry reported there is Military Funeral Honor this Saturday and he has a full complement of 7 rifleman.

Finance Officer Dennis Loberger – Dennis read the current bills which totaled $2,589.18.

Motion and second to pay all the bills.  Motion carried.

Bar Chairman Rick Siefert – Rick reported rough numbers for the month but overall it was a good month.  Rick will have a detailed report at the March General Meeting.

House Chairman Gene Szudrowitz – Commander Jaeger reported he had a sign made by CKC for one of the outside doors indicating it is to be used only in case of an emergency and with an arrow indicating the front door should be used to access the Post. 

Chaplain Jerry Wanty – Sent out a get-well card to Lew Hanson who was just released from the hospital.  

Assistant Chaplain Bill Raymond – No Report

Judge Advocate Tom Ingram – No Report

Immediate Past Commander Bob Batty – No Report


Art Filter – Brought up issue of people falling on the west steps leading to the basement. Commander said the topic will discussed under New Business.

Rick Siefert – Called Sound Designs regarding installation of the new TV for the bar.

Brian Kjell – No Report

Kim Queen – No Report

Adjutant Bob Batty – No Report


Commander read a thank you note from Lynn Raebel and Family thanking the Post for the Walk-thru and Bible to honor Walt Raebel.  Lynn also included in her note six donations honoring Walt which totaled $310.00.  She reported all have been sent thank you notes.

Commander Jaeger read a note from Sarah Reams, Saint Francis Borgia Pack 3802 (Cub Scouts) thanking Brian Kjell for his presentation to the Pack of his experiences during his career in the U.S. Air Force.  

Commander Jaeger referred the Board to a bulletin sent out by Past County Commander Jim Johnson reminding Legion membership that while the Legion is political it is nonpartisan in its dealings with politicians.  The bulletin laid out rules Legionnaires should follow to remain nonpartisan when representing The American Legion.


Jim Lee reported Post 288 Scholarship tickets are all sold.  Will start drawing at the March General Meeting.

Commander Jaeger reported he will talk with Sean at the Rivoli Theater regarding a video ad as previously discussed at the last Executive Board Meeting.  

Second District Public Safety Awards – Commander Jaeger reported that he and Kim Queen visited the Cedarburg Police and Fire Departments and handed out the necessary papers for Firefighter, Police and EMT of the Year award.  


Commander Jaeger had questions regarding the Americanism Youth and Government Testing Program.  Jim Lee informed him it occurs in March and that he works with a teacher (Irwin) at CHS to identify students interested in taking the test.  The test is done online.  

Commander Jaeger read a letter from Andrew Mayworm of Coldwell Banker.  Mr. Mayworm inquired about doing a presentation at a general meeting regarding VA loans vs conventional loans.  The Executive Board declined the request as it was felt Mr. Mayworm was simply trolling for business.

Commander Jaeger purchased a Samsung 55” HDTV for the bar area for $351.00.

Motion and a second to reimburse Commander Jaeger for the cost of the TV; $351.00.  Motion carried.

Commander Jaeger announced the 2nd District Spring Conference will be held Saturday, April 25, 2020 at the Country Inn & Suites in Port Washington.  The cost to attend is $20.00 per person.  Post will pay the registration fee for all Post delegates attending the conference.

There was discussion regarding the stairs to the basement and the amount of people who have recently slipped or fallen.  It was decided to add an additional hand railing (both sides of stairwell) to help prevent future mishaps.  It was noted that people need to exercise more caution when using the stairwell.  Commander Jaeger will contact member Skip Klahorst and have him install the additional railing to both stairwells.  

Commander Jaeger received a letter from the Pitch for Matt Bean Bag Tournament looking for donations.  While the Post has donated to this cause previously; it is a Grafton based entity and the Commander questioned if we should donate.  The Executive Board decided not to continue donating to this charity.  

Good of the Legion  

The American Legion State Bowling Tournament will be held at the Watertown Bowl North, on various dates in March and April; see Commander Jaeger if interested.

March Madness Open House – Saturday, March 14th, 9 am to noon at Legion Headquarters in Portage. The purpose is to make “Buddy-check” calls and to renew members.  Jim Lee will attend.   

There being no further business the meeting ended with the appropriate closing ceremonies and was

adjourned at 1947 hours.


Respectfully submitted, 

Robert S. Batty, PDC


Peter Wollner Post 288

Department of Wisconsin