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American Legion Auxiliary

Unit 288/Cedarburg

Executive Meeting

November 18, 2019


Meeting was called to order by President Maggie Geiger with the appropriate opening ceremony

All officers present

Topics of Discussion

  • New Preamble is needed with the correct verbiage.  The board has elected to have new sheets made with the Mission Statement on the opposite side and have them laminated.  President Maggie will check on cost at which time a decision of how many copies will be needed.
  • Zablocki Veteran Christmas Party-Hot Beef Sandwiches, Pickle & bag of chips will be served around 12:30.  Out & Out will cater dinner same menu as last year.  Dinner will be served around 3:30-4:00 the latest.
  • Cookie drop off is set for either December 7th if attending the Legion Christmas Party or December 8th between 9:00 & 10:00 p.m.
  • President Maggie has asked Sandy Mack to present the Legion with a Christmas gift at the Legion Christmas Party
  • Unit Christmas Party with female veterans is pot luck.  Amy Leichtnam will pick up beef & gravy
  • Amy L has picked up towel sets to be given to the female veterans along with slippers from Donna K and blankets from Mary J.
  • Motion was made and carried for Mary L to use if needed for decorating the display case.
  • Packer Party raised $ after expenses.  1/3 goes back in unit of $ and 2/3 $ will be given to purchase items for the Tiny Houses being built in Milwaukee.  Donation is earmarked until the Homes are built.
  • Tammy Regnitz has put together a Thank You letter for donations.  Once Shirley receives a copy it must be approved by both the Secretary Sandy Mack and the President Maggie Geiger and signed by President Maggie Geiger prior to sending them out.
  • Per President Maggie, the Secretary will need a list of names and addresses of all places of business that provided basket items and she is to send out the thank you letters.
  • President Maggie was interviewed by Sarah Rennicke the Coordinator for the Student Union.  She was asked to provide some history of the Legion.  Students would like to give back. The Student Union is like an Outreach for Children.
  • Sarah is a freelance writer for the News Graphic and is doing an article on all the Ozaukee County Auxiliary Units.
  • Membership was reviewed and any members that have not paid their 2019 and 2020 membership by January 31 , 2020 will be removed from our Membership List.
  • Correction was made on the date for 2020 Car Show to read August 29th, 2020.  Agreement/Contract with the Legion has been signed
  • Shirley 2nd District VA&R chair will be putting together Christmas Bags on December 7th at the Grafton post.
  • Closing Prayer
  • Meeting Adjourned


Respectfully Submitted:

Sandy Mack

ALA Unit 288 Secretary

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