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American Legion Auxiliary

Peter Wollner Post, Unit 288

Executive Meeting 7/22/2019


Meeting was called to order by Co-President Maggie Geiger followed by the appropriate opening ceremony.


10 Board Members Present



  1. Membership goal for 2019-2020
    1. goal is 199
  2. Joint Meeting Meal

    Leftover sloppy joes in freezer.  After looking at leftovers we threw away the buns/brats due to freezer burn.  Chris Sandoval has made about 10lbs of barbeque chicken with leftovers from the Chicken Roast, potato chips, egg rolls, cheese/crackers/sausage and cookies for dessert, along with leftover cake.

  3. Fashion Show

    Barb Tenpenny & Mary Lewandowski will chair using either Lil Pzazz or Zing, Decision needs to be made on whether or not the proceeds are enough with the amount of time/effort put in.

  4. Troop Boxes

    Looking for donations for inside boxes, Mary G will contact Deb G to see if Rockwell will make another donation, also discussed places a notice in the paper for community donations.

  5. 2019-2020 Budget

    Mary G will work will Kris G putting together expense report showing what our expenses/profits were for the 2018-2019 fundraisers.  Also will put together annual expense report on what we donated to organizations, cost of scholarships, conventions, conferences, etc.

  6. ALA-In-The-Know

    Our unit is hosting, menu could consist of croissant sandwiches, pasta, cookies.  Further discussion will be brought forth at the joint meeting.  If any member plans on attending a form needs to be completed by the member and turned into Kris

  7. Wreath Sale

    No volunteers at this time to chair event

  8. Veterans Day Lunch

    Committee needs to be formed to plan & serve meal

  9. Harvest Fest Parking

    Carol Szuds had volunteered to chair event, need volunteers to work 2 hour shifts.  Sit-down position is available.  Kris suggested we possibly turn over this fundraiser to SAL.

  10. Executive meetings

    3rd Monday of each month, @ 6:00 p.m.

  11. Packer Party-

    Will be chaired by Mary Garner, Barb Tenpenny, & Mary Lewandowki.  Will check on last year’s budget.  Looking at Nov. 3rd or 10th.

  12. Window display

    Commander Jaeger is checking into when and which display case we might be able to get

  13. Snacks prior to meetings

    Will no longer be provided with unit money.  Open thoughts to pot of gold winner or drawing names or just not having the snack.  Will be mentioned at next meeting.

  14. Bank Account

    Discussion amount changing bank accounts to US Bank due to the commitment that US Bank has provided both the unit & post on our events.  Sandy is checking with US Bank to see what they have to offer, for now we will stay with existing bank.

  15. Downstairs Office

    Suggestion by the board spend approximately $400 for a new laptop and $100 for a printer.  Mary Garner will check on prices and this will be brought up for discussion at the August meeting

  16. Member involvement

    Earn money by donating hours to the fish fry.  Suggestions are on the table.

  17. Car Show

Budget of $250 was motioned, 2nd and approved

   18. Membership

Consideration is being brought forth to provide 1st Vice-Membership Chair with a debit card to enter renewals in a more timely & efficient way.  Subject remains open.



Closing prayer was offered and meeting was adjourned by Co-President Sandy Mack