Nov 1 2022


Meeting called to order by President Carol Grotkiewicz

Opening prayer, Pledge of Allegiance and Preamble recited.

15 members present, 1 excused

Treasurer’s report presented and approved by the unit.

Checking Account Balance  - $

Money Market Balance  -  $

Poppy Fund  - $

Membership Goal 165.  Paid Seniors   95    paid Juniors 12

Shirley Krier introduced Abigail and Emma from Homestead High School in Ozaukee County.  Our unit sponsored them for Badger Girls this year.   The girls each spoke about their experience and how much they enjoyed it. Interesting to note that they have been best friends since kindergarten.  Abigail also went on to ALA Girls Nation to represent Wisconsin.  ( her picture is in the Nov American Legion Auxiliary magazine ).  Shirley gave each of the girls a small gift.

Veteran’s Day Lunch will be a drive thru on 11/11/22. Budget approved for $375.   Subway to provide 100 sandwiches and bags of chips for $300. $51.20 has been spent for bags and labels.  Nancy Wallock will be collecting Thank You cards for the veterans from Westlawn.  There are also placemats made by students in the basement that will be added to the bags.  Members have signed up to bake desserts and pack lunches.  They are to be at the post by 9:15am that morning.

Maggie Geiger provided the final reading of the Unit’s Constitution and By Laws and Standing Rules.Motion made by Chris Skidmore and 2nd by Shirley Krier to accept the changes as read.  Motion passed.

Wreaths Across America on Dec 17, 2022– Chris Skidmore has sign up sheet.  Looking for all interested in going down to Union Grove for the ceremony.  Needs count by end of November.  Also need drivers to carpool.

Lap Quilts received from Ann Haderer and her daughter, Sue Baert.   Motion to take the quilts down to the Hoptel approved.

Mary Garner still waiting to hear from Marissa about having the lady veterans attend our Dec 6th meeting and Pot Luck.   Also asked about taking gifts to Dom 123 for the lady vets if they are unable to attend.   Maggie Geiger noted that the VA is frowning on gifts only for the women and not the whole Dom.  Will need to be revisited once we hear back from Marissa.

Sue Grosskoph is asking for donations for her son-in-law and his unit that are overseas.   Unit discussed looking into this after the first of the year  - after all of the holiday boxes have stopped coming in.  Maybe combining with Wisconsin Women 4 Our Troops collection as well.  

Chris Skidmore asked if Sue’s daughter was a member of the post or the community.   Since she is it was suggested that we support the family for Christmas this year and see if she knows of any other families in Cedarburg.

Car Show – June 10th 2023 -  Barb Frank said she is starting to be contacted by interested vendors for the event.  She put forth the idea of raising the cost of the booth space rental from $25 to $35 and to increase the raffle item value from each vendor from $10 to $20.  Motion made by Mary Garner and 2nd by Jenna Smith to make the increase. Motion passed.

Shirley Krier also announced her project this year for 2nd District VA&R.

She is again sponsoring Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative but this time through a program to pamper female veterans.  She calls it Pamper Our Vets.  She provided a copy of the Wish List for our Women Veterans Independent Network Program. (WOVIN)

She is looking to collect items by 11/30/22.   Motion made by Mary Garner to use the funds being held in the treasury of $170 that was earmarked for female veterans.  2nd by Gail Andree-Kjell.   Maggie Geiger motioned that we add an additional $200 to this to make it a total of $370.  2nd by Mary Jaeger.  Approved.

No additional business was discussed.

Mary Jaeger provided a prayer and the meeting was adjourned.

Chris Skidmore won the Pot of Gold.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Chris Skidmore

October 4, 2022 

Meeting was called to order by President Carol Grotkiewicz at 6:30 p.m.

Opening prayer was read by Nancy W in absence of Mary J.

We recited the Pledge of Allegiance and the Preamble. Roll call of officers was taken; 8 present, 3 absent

Treasurers report was read:  General Fund balance $           , Poppy Fund Balance $                          Money market account $

Motion was made by Shirley K to accept the treasurers report, 2nd by Sandy M. Motion passed.  This will now be placed on file for audit.

Motion was made by Mary L. and 2nd by Donna K to accept the September minutes.  Motion passed.

Membership:  Chris S reported our goal is 165, we have 70 paid seniors and 7 paid juniors

Ozaukee County Council Meeting will be held on Saturday October 15, 2022 at the Cedarburg Post.

A motion was made by Carol S, 2nd by Sandy M to purchase the breakfast from Prime Minister.  He will charge $10.00 per person and we will have scrambled eggs, egg bake, bacon strips and sausage links. Motion passed.  We will still do juice, coffee and desserts or breads.  Checking with Barb T if she will still do the cheesy hash browns.  Mary L will do table decorations for $6.99 from Sendiks.  We will need about 8 center pieces.

VIP Parking:  A special thank you to Chris Sandoval for working both days. We had an income of $     . $         was advanced so the total income was $       .  25% to VIP;      , and 75% to Aux $         .  Sandy M made a motion to put the profit into the general fund for now and we could possibly use it at Christmas when we do our Christmas donations.  Mary L seconded.  Motion passed.

Fish Fry:  Sand M contacted Commander Dennis Jaeger about the money he said was coming to us from the fish fries.  He explained that when the post took over the fish fry account combining it into their general fund, that the auxiliary would not get anything.  They had a loss because of the months they were closed due to covid that they needed it.  After much discussion on this it was decided that Sandy will contact Dennis again and explain how the auxiliary feels about this.  There are many auxiliary members that work the fish fry and it is not fair that we do not get our share of the money.

School Supplies:  Nancy W & Chris S divided out all the school supplies we received into 5 boxes for the 5 local schools. They also had monetary donations which they used to get gift cards from Meiers for the schools to use for anything else they may need.  Will discuss at another meeting if we want to do this again maybe around Christmas or later in the year.

Veterans Day:  We will again do a drive thru lunch on November 11, 2022 for the veterans. A motion was made by Nancy W and 2nd by Chris S that we again have it from 11:00 to 1:00. Motion was passed. Mary Garner already got bags for 100 lunches and she will contact Subway about the sandwiches. We will also put a bag of chips and dessert in the bag.  The Auxiliary is asked to make cookies or brownies for this.

Badger Girls:   Shirley K will check if the girls can be at the November meeting to talk about their experiences.

President Carol read correspondence that was received.

Nancy W asked if we would be willing to supply schools with flags and gave prices from Home Depot, Flyrite Flags and Emblem Sales.  Sandy M made a motion to purchase the flags from Home Depot.  Mary G seconded. We will be purchasing 5 flags for Webster and 1 flag for St. Francis Borgia, for a total of 6 flags.  Motion passed.

Packer Party:  Date: November 13, 2022. Barb F, Barb T, Mary L and Nancy W will be the committee to set up this party.  Need to check with Rick S, bar manager, if it would be alright to have free beer.  Thoughts are to charge $20 per person and this would then be for beer and food.  Date is already reserved with the post.

Mary L asked if anyone would be interested in doing a candy making class from Sweet Creations.  Cost would be $45 per person but the instructor brings all the material and you go home with some treats. This was tabled till the November meeting.

Sandy M recommended the Unit make a donation to Maggie Geiger who is currently serving as Dept  of Wisconsin 1st Vice President in her support. The Executive Board recommended a donation of $500 for her expenses. Shirley K made a motion that we do this, 2nd by Mary G.  Motion passed.

Nancy W discussed the possible donations of quilts again from LaVerne Gresch church.  Chris S also had lap quilts donated for the VA.  At this time the VA does not need any.  Mary G will check if the Homeless Veterans Initiative would like them.

Chris S discussed Wreaths Across America where we could buy wreaths for $15 and we would get $5.00. These wreaths are then put on headstones such as those at the Milwaukee VA or King, etc.  We could basically just donate and not actually get the wreaths.  Sandy M made a motion to purchase 20 wreaths at $15 which would equal $300.  Shirley K 2nd, motion passed.

Mary G mentioned that on October 15 in the afternoon the Legion is holding the funeral of veteran Doug Sorenson with a luncheon to follow and that we need to be out and done with the County Council Meeting which will be held in the morning.  Also if anyone would like to donate a dessert for the funeral luncheon it would be appreciated.

Constitution and Bylaws:  Committee consisting of Barb T, Sandy M and Maggie G.   Sandy reported that they have the additions and corrections ready.  Sandy read all the changes or additions.  This needs to be read 2 times before approval.  So it will be done again at the next meeting.

Reminders about the Kentucky Derby on May 6, 2023 and the Car Show June 10, 2023 .  These dates have already been reserved with the Legion.

Nancy W read a closing prayer.    Meeting adjourned -- Pot o Gold winner was Shirley K.

Respectfully submitted by Donna Kison


                                                                        SEPTEMBER 6, 2022

Call to order Carol Grotkiewicz 6:35 pm 

Proceeded with Regular opening: Prayer, Pledge, Preamble & Roll Call of Officers, Not Present Mary Jaeger & Mary Garner

Treasurer Report: Barb TenPenny, see copy, motion to accept Shirley Krier, second Jenna Smith

Membership: Chris Skidmore, 165 is goal current 53 Seniors 6 Juniors pd 7 more just received. 

ALA in the Know Sept 1 Deadline Closest in Grafton Oct 22, President check if possible yet.

Ozaukee County Meeting in Cedarburg Oct 15

        9:00 AM Registration: MaryLee Katzka collect $2 at Door

        9:30 Breakfast           

            Donna Kison & Nancy Wallock  - 40 Raffle

            Chris Skidmore – Raffle Baskets         

      Barb Tenpenny Raffle Basket Value $35 or more…motion made Between $35 & $50 by Barb, seconded by Sally Klug  …Jenna Smith volunteered to make one.

Constitution & ByLaws look, call Maggie Geiger or Sandy Mack for changes

          Chris Skidmore – change Jr dues we keep $.75 not .50

          Barb Tenpenny – Do we want 2 Joint meetings with Legion

                                                  Motion by Chris Sandoval to end them.  Donna Kison Seconded

President will check w Commander - Question for Legion- have not received Fish Fry Profit check in over a year, Usually $5,000

Event Signage, Carol Szuds -  Committee formed, Event location sign to be used on Prtland & Spring St

          (Doralee, Kris G, Debra G, Chris S, Barb Frank, Carol Sz).

Elementary School Supplies Drive by Cedarburg and Grafton -  Nancy Wallock & Chris Skidmore reported

    Bank helping is in Grafton so Grafton Unit became involved.  Items will be split between both units to donate to community schools. 

Upcoming Events

Wreath Sale – Do we want to do it?  Discussion…..Tabled as prices higher at Haydens Gardens….would rather do Bakeless Bake Sale with letter to all unit members.  Jenna Smith volunteered to do letter (non-alcoholic bake Sale or change to Thanksgiving Feast theme … discussion also revisited wreath   amended motion on floor about bakeless Bake sale to Thanksgiving Fest. Jenna Smith made motion seconded by Maggie Geiger

Veterans Day Lunch – Lets do Drive Thru again Budget $200 Back bags morning of the 11th, members donate desserts prewrapped

Beer Garden in Sept? – not enough time to plan late now

Packer Party …. No interest just now

Drive thru 4 Supplies Women Veterans…. Motion made by Chris Sandavol  seconded by_____to save $171 till Spring

Shirley Krier brought up annual yearly visit by Badger Girls  to unit…. Motion by Jenna S to come in Nov Seconded Sandy Quickly added motion to accept August meeting notes by Donna K seconded by Sandy M

Reminder VIP Parking Signup sheet Unit activity for Sept 17,18 at Harvest Fest ….Meeting ended 8:??

Pot of Gold won by Jeanne Poprocki


AUGUST 2022 


Meeting was called to order by Commander Dennis Jaeger with prayer, Pledge of Allegiance and Preamble.

Commander Jaeger introduced Peter Wollner Unit 288 new president Carol Grotkiewicz, and Poppy Chair Shirley Krier presented Post 288 with a check for $1003.52 for the post assistance with poppy distribution.

The Auxiliary was then excused by Commander Jaeger for their own meeting.

Roll call called, 9 present 1 absent.

Barb Tenpenny presented the treasurer’s report

Checking Account Balance:            $ reported

Money Market Balance:                  $ reported

Poppy Fund Balance:                     $ reported

Membership report presented by Membership Chair Chris Skidmore

Unit 288 2022/2023 goal                                        165

Senior Memberships paid as of 8/9/2022                        19

Junior Memberships paid as of 8/9/2022                 5

Old Business:

  • Unit 288 is in need of a Unit Secretary
  • Car/Vendor Event Report; number of cars in show was down approximately by 50%, however with donations, less budget and expenses $reported was raised. The Homeless Veterans Initiative will receive $1,500.00 and $reported was deposited to unit 288 general fund.
  • Strawberry Fest Parking report; Total Income less start up monies $reported per Unit 288 Standing Rules (Dated 3/3/2020) Unit 288 will split funds raised with V.I.P 50/50, this year V.I.P. contacted unit 288 saying that they would give unit 288 25% of their portion back to the unit. V.I.P. donated $500.00 making the total funds raised $reported. Funds were deposited to the unit’s general fund.
  • Sweat 4 Vets report; Check for $reported which is 2/3 rd. of the monies raised is given to the Milwaukee VA Suicide Prevention Outreach Task Force. Remaining 1/3 rd. split between the Grafton and Cedarburg Units with each receiving $reported.
  •  Poppy Report; Monies collected from distribution $reported less (cost/Dept %) =
  • $reported. Poppy fund deposit 60% $reported, 40% to Legion $reported.

It was moved to give $150.00 to Post 288 SAL Squadron by Maggie Geiger, second by Chris Skidmore, motion passed.

New Business;

  • ALA In the Know registration deadline September 1, 2022. Those members wishing to attend please sign up and give a copy of your registration to treasurer Barb Tenpenny for reimbursement.
  • During Post 288 Chicken Roast 7 quilts were raffled off, bring in a total of $reported
  • School Supplies, a bank in Grafton would like to partner with unit 288, to collect school supplies for local schools. Chris Skidmore will contact Grafton unit 355 to see if they would like to partner with us.
  • October 15, 2022 is Oz County Council meeting scheduled to be held at Post 288, President Grotkiewicz will contact Jim Lee to see if the post is available for a 9:00 am light breakfast, followed by the County Council meeting.

Post 288 meeting concluded, therefore unit 288 was finished before all business was complete.

Agenda items not covered, 2022 events and reports need to be reviewed to see if members of unit 288 would like to participate in the following events;

  • Wine & Harvest Parking
  • Packer Party
  • Kentucky Derby Party 2023
  • Car/Vendor Show 2023

Other items;

  • WI Women 4 Vets; collect and assembling care packages. At the 4/12/2022 unit meeting $reported was earmarked for this event.
  • Bakeless Bake Sale status
  • 2022-2023 ALA Dept of WI Presidents, theme and special project
  • 2022-2023 Donations (Poppy Fund, General Fund, PPP Donation & Scholarships, Louise Wilson Educational Loan Fund)

Pot-O-Gold winner was Mickey Schneider  

Closing prayer by Maggie Geiger

Meeting adjourned.

Minutes recorded by Maggie Geiger

June 7, 2022


Meeting called to order by President Mary Garner

Prayer – Mary Jaeger

Pledge of Allegiance, Preamble

Roll Call of Officers – 10 present     1 excused

Financial Report – Treasurer report given. Motion to accept and 2nd

                                 Copy of current balances available for member review                                                                                                          

Membership Report – Chris Skidmore

159 - pd    0 - unpaid

 Car Show Report – Kris Gomez

Event details are moving along.  Show to be held June 18th. Presented to the Unit a recipient for event proceeds. Suggested for voting by Unit to donate proceeds to MHVI general fund.   Motion made by Shirley Krier to donate proceeds to MHVI. 2nd Chris Sandoval    Motion carried.

WI Women 4 Our Troops – Sue Handrick

Troop box’s assembly by Unit TBA date. Looking at Sept. or Oct.   Carol Szudrowitz will help to advertise this event for community support w/ items to fill boxes. Considering a drive thru drop-off of items at the Post. Collect items Aug. or Sept. Also inviting community members to help with packing boxes.  Shipping costs may be split 50/50 with Post 288.  WI Women 4our Troops will split Units shipping costs. They will also donate items for packing boxes.

Sue suggested a “Meat Raffle” as a possible Unit fundraiser.

Badger Girls State 2022 – Shirley Krier

Shirley has been contacted by Dept. about sponsoring two young ladies to attend BGS 2022. Discussion with Unit.  Unit 288 Cedarburg will sponsor two girls from Homestead High School. Motion made to sponsor by Sandy Mack.   2nd Barb Frank.

Unit 288 RE Elections - Shirley Krier

Unit 288 executive positions were re held because of error in the May election process.

Mary Garner will stay on the executive board 2022 – 2023.

Election held for the remaining 2 spots. Running for election: Sandy Mack, Carol Szudrowitz, Shirley Krier

Results: SM – 14    CS – 11   SK – 12

Strawberry Fest Parking – Carol Szudrowitz

We have volunteers signed up for both days. We can always use more!

Kris and Carol will pick up and set up the necessary items needed for the weekend.

2nd District Car Show – Mary Garner

This event is a fundraiser for Dan Seehafer running for American Legion National Commander. The district is asking for Units to donate a raffle basket for the event.  Discussion with Unit, we will not be donating a basket. No vote done.

Kentucky Derby Financial Report – Barb Tenpenny

Printed copy of detailed expenses and proceeds of the event reported to the Unit members.

2022 Poppy Financial Report – Barb Tenpenny

Printed copies of detailed poppy proceeds were made available to Unit members.

Vender Event – Barb Frank

To date, 30 venders signed up to attend the June 18th vender event.

Quilts of Thanks group will have a booth at the Post on June 18th. Veterans will be encouraged to submit their name to receive a quilt. A quilt will be awarded to a Veteran every 30 min.

ALA Officer and Service Pins – Barb Frank

Several pins handed out.

Piggly Wiggly – Barb Tenpenny

Please do not charge anything at the Piggly Wiggly, for the Unit, that is under $10

Please pay the bill if under $10 and submit a reimbursement from.

July 4th Parade 2022 – Mary Garner

Do we want to participate in the parade as a Unit? Organizing a float, truck, walking group.  Mary Lewandowski will look into purchasing candy for the parade.

Motion to use Unit funds to buy candy. Not to exceed $250.  Motion Sandy Mack 2nd Carol Szudrowitz.

Military Family Day at the Zoo – Chris Skidmore

July 3rd, 9:30am till 5:00pm, the Zoo will honor Veterans with free admission for the Veteran and family. Tickets are necessary and can be obtained from the CVSO in Port Washington.

OZ County Officer Installation Dinner – Mary Garner

Dinner to be held at the Grafton Legion Post on June 24th. Unit 288 will wil pay for any officer attending and being installed. Also, a guest. Please respond if planning to attend.

Rules for Unit Meetings – Sandy Mack

#1 Must make a motion to approve Secretary report every time!

Corrections were made to secretary report from May Unit meeting.

Motion made to accept corrected report. Motion – Shirley Krier 2nd Donna Kison.

Prayer – Mary Jaeger

Pot of Gold – Barb Frank

Meeting Adjourned

Submitted, Kris Gomez


                                                                                 MAY 2022

Meeting called to order by President Mary Garner

Prayer – Mary Jaeger

Pledge of Allegiance , Preamble

Roll Call of Officers – 10 present     1 excused

Financial Report – Treasurer absent. No financial report provided.

Membership Report – Chris Skidmore

158 pd    13 unpaid     Membership packets have been assembled for distribution

Membership cards sent to members who had not received one this year.

Crowning of Poppy Princess – Shirley Krier

Maylana Lee-Kelly will represent Unit 288 as the 2022 -2033 Poppy Princess.

She is the granddaughter of Post member Jim Lee.

Bakeless Bake Sale Fundraiser – Mary

Jena Smith has started the information sheet. Jena will discuss at the June meeting.

Kentucky Derby Event – Mary Garner

Event to be held May 7th at the Post.  Preparation’s, publicity, purchases have been done for this event. Currently no budget set.  Request of $800 from the Unit for event expenses made by Mary Garner.  No detailed expense budget presented at this time. After Unit discussion, motion made by Sandy Mack to allow $500 to Kentucky Derby expense budget. Second by Mary Jaeger.

Camp American Legion will be the recipient of Kentucky Derby proceeds. Proceeds designated to the camp 2022 -2023 project to repair and build new stairs and pier at the camp.   

Car Show Report – Kris Gomez/Barb Frank

15 Venders paid at this time   Trophies/dash plaques ordered.  Flyers made.

MHVI may be the recipient of event proceeds. Vote at June meeting

Wisconsin Women 4 Vets – Mary Garner

Sue Henricks / Maggie Geiger working together.  Unit will be gathering items to fill box’s to ship out. More on this project June meeting.

Sweat 4 Vets - Sandy Mack

The event is in need of volunteers to help on May 21st. Help is needed at Post 288 on the morning of the walk. Volunteers would be needed at 0800. Please reach out to Sandy if you can help.   If you are walking, packets will be handed out at the Grafton Post on Friday 5/19.  After 7pm pick up in Cedarburg.  360 walkers signed up so far.

Memorial Day Lunch – Carol Szudrowitz

Food prep. will be done on Sunday @ 9am at the Post. Lunch will be served to the community after the ceremony. Please sign up to help prep. food and serve.

Strawberry Fest Parking – Carol Szudrowitz

Please consider signing up to help park cars during Strawberry Fest.  Fest held June 25 & June 26. We will park both days at the VIP parking lot. This fundraiser has no expenses and has been a very good fundraiser for the Unit. Contact Carol for more info and to sign up.


Unit 288 Officer Elections – Shirley Krier

New officers will be sworn in and take over responsibilities after convention in July.

No voting done for the following 2022 – 2023 officer positions:

President – Carol Grotkiewicz

1st Vice President/Membership – Chris Skidmore

2nd Vice President – Barb Frank

Secretary – to be appointed

Treasurer – Barb Tenpenny

Chaplin – Mary Jaeger

Sargent at Arms – Nancy Wallock

Asst, Sargent at Arms – Donna Kison

Ballots handed out to members to vote for Executive Board Members

On the ballot:

Sandy Mack, Shirley Krier, Carol Szudrowitz, Kris Gomez, Mary Garner

Voted in: Sandy Mack, Shirley Krier. Carol Szudrowitz

Additional Note:  It was brought to the attention of the nominating committee that the 2022 – 2033 election was not run and held in accordance with Unit 288 Constitution & Bylaws. Unit 288 elections will be held again at the June 7th general meeting.

Unit 288 Constitution & Bylaws – Maggie Geiger

Maggie will be reviewing current C & B. Anyone interested in contributing in this project please con tact Maggie.


Unit Financial  Audit – Audit done April 2022

Motion made,  Maggie Geiger to destroy ballots

Poppy Distribution – Shirley Krier

Please sign up for a shift on poppy weekend. Sign up sheet going around.

OZ County Boots – Maggie Geiger

Fundraiser. Units  in OZ CO to purchase military boots from the CO Council and decorate to sell.

2nd District Spring Conference

Cedarburg Unit won membership award. $50.00

Exec. Board Duties – Carol

Carol outlined duties of the Exec. Board members.

Prayer -  Mary Jaeger


April 12, 2022

Joint meeting called to order by Commander Dennis Jaeger 7pm

Prayer – Jerry Wanty

Opening Ceremony Post and Unit 288 together.

Commander Dennis Jaeger – Introduction of guests in attendance.

Department Commander Greg Eirich,  OZ County Commander Chuck Friedlein.

These men along with 2nd District Adjutant / Post 288 Commander Dennis Jaeger and NECman Robert Shappell presented special recognition to dual Legion member Debbie Gabert for her completion of the WALC course.  Congratulations Debbie!

Unit 288 President Mary Garner – Announcement’s from Unit.

Upcoming Unit events – Kentucky Derby Party   May 7th 2:30pm

                                            Sweat 4 Vets   May 21st 10am  start Cedarburg

                                             Poppy distribution May 27 – 28

                                             Car / Craft Show  June 18th 10 – 4pm

Shirley Krier – Motion of Unit nomination for Maggie Geiger.

Motion made and 2nd , motion carried.

Maggie will run for Senior Vice Pres. Dept. of Wisconsin

 Congratulation’s and best of luck to Maggie!

Shirley is recruiting members to sign up for poppy distribution. The dates, Friday 5/27 and Saturday 5/58. 2 hour shifts. This is a Legion family project.

Unit members adjourn to separate meeting.

Roll call of Unit officers – Kris Gomez

10 present   1 excused

Financial Report – Barb Tennpenny

Copies distributed to members for review. Motion to except,  2nd, carried.  Placed on record for audit.

Membership – Chris Skidmore

157 – paid        13- outstanding

Bakeless bake sale – Tabled to May meeting

Kentucky Derby Report – Mary Garner

Plans coming along.  Motion made to raise the ticket price for event to $25.   2nd  Accepted.

June Gold Star Mother Recognition – Mary

We have not identified any new names to our list of known GSM.

Plants will be sent in June to the 3 GSM we have previously recognized.  

2022 Car/Craft Event – Kris Gomez /Barb Frank

Update – Emails sent to Venders, several have responded.

 Raffle tables will be set up inside.  Venders to donate 1 raffle item for the tables.  Flyer has been designed and is in print. Road closure signatures and park permit have been submitted to city. Next committee meeting, 4/14 at the Post

Wisconsin Women 4 Vets – Mary

Sue Hendricks will be assembling care packages with our Unit in July.

$171.00 ear marked for this, women Vets.

Sweat for Vets – Maggie Geiger

Date, May 21st. Walk to start at the Cedarburg post, walk to Grafton post.  Our Unit will supply breakfast starting at 0800.  Grafton will supply lunch and entertainment at Rose-Arms Post.  Please volunteer to help on the day of the event. Contact Maggie to sign up. Proceeds to benefit MKE VA Suicide Prevention Outreach.

 Upcoming ALA Conference’s – Mary

April 30th, Sheboygan Falls – 2nd District Spring Conference

April 20th, Belgium - OZ CO Meeting

All members encouraged to attend these meetings. Unit will pay for registration for anyone attending.

Social Media Presentation – Debbie

April 26th @ Post 288   5:45pm

ALA Unit 288 Dues – Mary

Motion made to change 2023 Unit dues to $30.00 for Senior members.

2nd, motion passed

Nominating Committee – Mary

Shirley K and Carol S will run this committee. Will present the roster at the May meeting. Voting will also occur at this meeting. Any member, please consider an officer position.   

Poppy Princess – Mary

1 application has been turned in for Jr. Poppy Princess. Crowning will be done at the May meeting.

Scholarship Recipient – Barb

The CHW graduate scholarship recipient has been chosen. 48 young ladies submitted essays. Unit members read and chose the winner. The winner and the school will be notified this week.

Acrylic Stands  - Nancy

Clear stands are needed for our raffle tables at Unit events. These stands would be used for various events held by our Unit.  Motion made for Unit to purchase 32 stands @ a total price of $89.99 2nd, motion carried.  Nancy will purchase before the upcoming events.

Fields of Flags – Chris Skidmore

Chris presented an opportunity for Unit members to help with a flag display at Wisconsin War Memorial Center.  Flags will be placed to honor fallen Wisconsin service members. An email will be sent out from Chris with details and sign up.

Badger Girls State – Shirley

CHS has had no applications for this years BGS. We will ask for a refund from State for our cash deposit.

2nd District Car Show – Mary

June 25th fundraiser for Dan Siefert run for National Commander. Units to donate cookies to sell at this fundraiser.

VIP Parking  - Carol

75% of profits from festival parking will come to the Unit. Motion made to staff and run this parking project again this year. 2nd, motion passed. Everyone who is able should consider helping on this fundraiser. Strawberry Fest and Wine and Harvest Fest 2022.

Prayer – Mary Jaeger

Pot o’ Gold  - Winner Barb Frank

Respectfully submitted,

Kris Gomez

Unit 288 Secretary  



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