NOTES Peter Wollner Unit 288

American Legion Auxiliary

General Meeting Agenda


Mar 5, 2024

Opening Prayer - complete

Pledge of Allegiance - complete

Executive Board Sign in - complete

Minutes from Feb 6, 2024 General Meeting – minutes on file without reading

Treasurer’s Report – motion made and approved

Membership Report – 119 seniors, 19 juniors, goal 166

 Parliamentarian Report – Natalia Genovese-King – northing to report

Sick and Sunshine – Mary Jaeger – Report on communications sent

Americanism/Children and Youth – Nancy Wallock- Nothing to report

Correspondence – all correspondence read

Unfinished Business

Budget Committee

Constitution and Bylaws – Shirley has questions regarding the bylaws.  Kris responded that these had not been changed from the original version shared for review.  However, there is a desire to change them.

Any additional questions – please send them directly to Kris instead of bringing them up in the unit meeting.   All questions will be reviewed and presented to the Unit in an organized fashion for reaction and vote if needed.

Scholarship Committee – Essays have been reviewed and returned to the school.  One was selected and the citizenship medal has been ordered. Kris asked if we wanted to do a larger order to cover other medal needs – answer no. Do we want to start awarding AFS students like we did many years ago?

Legion Birthday Party – 3/17/24 – Cocktails at 4p.  dinner at 5p - Shirley is disappointed at the response to date – only 19 people.  She will change up the menu to better match the preferences – not as St. Patricks (corned beef and cabbage) and more general (beef tips and gravy, mashed potatoes). Chris reached out to Cedar Crest to get ice cream cups.  $18.06 for 48 cups. Chocolate syrup and Crème de menth to be on ice cream.  Cake to be ordered from Costco.  Shirley will order and pick up cake. Shirley will also buy green tablecloths.  The rest of the décor will be patriotic red/white/blue.

Annual Reports – need any reports from 4/1/23 to 3/31/24 and all hours by Mar 5, 2024.   OK to estimate your hours for remainder of month.

Embroidery of New Logos on Polos – Shirley will take the lead on ordering shirts.  Samples shown.  Friendly note that the shirts tend to run small in sizing.   

R.A.C.E. Training – Ozaukee County Council   April 27th   1pm to 4pm 

Provided by Ozaukee Common Council.  Should we host with bottled water and a snack?  No need for snack – they bring their own.  Water can be provided – and cost shared with Legion and SAL.

Car Show/Craft Fair - 6/8/24 – Promotions desired and requesting funds for printing a “save the date” card.  Once the City of Cedarburg Spring opens up, we will continue our promotion through save the date cards and other signage. $800 budget requested for car show. Motion made, seconded and approved.

New Business

Meat Raffle – proposed May 4 in Cinco De Mayo theme.  Request to hold it at Rebellion or White Rabbit.  Request has not made yet.  Goal is to get sponsors to help cover costs.  Request to have Aux Unit members serve as guest bartenders.  Drink special pricing with a portion to go to Aux.  Recommendation made for Barb to put together a straw dog budget and present it to the Exec Board for approval before moving forward.   

Poppy Princess for 2024-2025

Claire Brisman has been selected as the Poppy Princess.  She is 8 years old.  She is the daughter of an Auxiliary member.  Kris has provided the acceptance letter. Crowning will be in April TBD.  Crowns and sashes in production and will be ready for the April ceremony.  She will be in the Memorial Day parade.  A car has been arranged. 

Memorial Day Parade/Lunch – We will need people to purchase food, prepare the food, serve the food.   Sloppy joes, chips and cookies.  We also need a clean up crew.  Sign up sheet is available.  Reminder the spring rolls will also be at this event.

AFS student(s)

Already discussed.

Christmas in July

Use to purchase slippers, robes, spa services. For women veterans.  If interested, we could invite the group to be at the Legion.   Or could be at their location.   There is no general meeting in July – only exec board meeting.

Good Deed Award

Teacher of the year award application was sent to local schools.  Good Deed Award is in progress.  Initial candidate was “stolen” by another program.   We have looked at Cedarburg “Fashion Club” – you can dress as you want in whatever fashions you wish with no shame.  They donated a sizeable clothing donation to Mr Bob’s Under the Bridge. Suggestion to invite the leaders of the group to a meeting and provide them gift certificates to this group.   Questions – can we recognize a group rather than an individual?  Can we give gift certificates rather than a donation and/or award?

Oz County Spring Meeting – RSVP by 4/10/24    Meeting on 4/20/24

Hosted by ALA Howard J Schroeder Unit #457

Country Terrace Club House

6611 W Aspen Tree Court – Mequon, WI 53092

Badger Girls

Two girls selected.  Medals need to be engraved – Shirley needs to know where to go to get this done.

Chair donation at HOPTEL

Unit donated a large leather chair.

Recommendation that the Unit purchase 50 raffle tickets again for 2nd district sweepstakes.

Mary Jaeger won Pot of Gold.

Upcoming Dates to Save

Legion Birthday – Mar 17, 2024

American Legion Family Day – April 27

R.A.C.E.  Training – April 27  1pm to 4pm – No cost.   Registration is required.

2nd District Spring Conference at Kalahari in the Dells – May 4

Meat Raffle -  May

Sweat for Vets - Saturday May 18, 2024

Maggie’s Testimonial – Saturday May 18, 2024

National Poppy Day – May 29th

Car Show/Craft Fair – Saturday June 8, 2024

Dept Convention – July 10th – 14th, 2024 in Appleton

Style Show – Oct 12, 2024


Feb 6, 2024

Opening Prayer  - complete

Pledge of Allegiance - complete

Guest Presentation – “Skid” Skidmore shared gratitude for the effort and actions of our Auxiliary.  Present to the Unit: Print of all four presidents as printed by the News Graphic based off of a photo that Skid took. 

__11_Present   _1__Excused

Minutes from 12/5/23 – Shirley moved and Natalia approved the minutes with no changes (no need to be read)

Treasurer’s Report

Checking $        Money Market $       Poppy Fund   

Moved and seconded -- approved

Membership Report

     Seniors 116___         Juniors 18___    Goal 166 (32 short of goal)

Gail won the gift basket

Parliamentarian Report – Natalia -Nothing to report

Sick and Sunshine – Mary J - One card/thank you.

Americanism/Children and Youth – Nancy

All the schools were happy to do Valentines.   Deadline of January 26 – need to mail by January 30.  More valentines delivered after the deadline. Maggie also brought some.  Will have more than 1,000 total.  Offer to take some to the USO.  Freight - $15.10.  Nancy wants to be reimbursed.  Each school got a gift card for each school – one $25/card each school.  Wants to be reimbursed for the $125.  Voted – she will be reimbursed for both costs.


Unfinished Business

Christmas Gift to Post – suggestion to present the gift of 8 bar stools.  This was not officially done as the stools were used immediately for the January Fish Fry – but not a formal presentation.  Chris will make a presentation at the Legion meeting this month.

Valentine’s Celebration for Legion Tuesday, Feb 13 – Julie to donate 5 – dozen heart shaped cookies at no cost to the Aux unit.  Chris to make gluten free rice crispie squares for those that cannot handle gluten.

New Business

Budget Committee formed – Created to build budget for review and approval.  This includes: Barb, Barb, Chris.

Constitution and Bylaws – We need a committee to review and update this doc.  Kris was “voluntold” and accepted the role as long as there are two additional people on this committee. Changes need to be read to the Unit for review and approval.  Sue will join Kris. And Mickie will also join – that makes three! Deadline for this review is set at end of March.  Changes to be presented at the April meeting if in person. Instead of reading the changes, you can opt to send it out 30 days prior to the day you gather to vote.  End of March – delivery – with May meeting for vote.

Ozaukee County Council Food Drive – Need low sodium and low sugar items.  See email from Chris for additional info on posters.  Note: all of the county is collecting for a variety of food collection organizations in Ozaukee County.

Car Show/Craft Fair -  6/8/24  -- JULIE IS THE NEW CHAIR

Julie has connections for art vendors.  SAL to do food vendors as a fundraiser for themselves.  Idea to invite more – consider keep it in the family.  Legion Post has the bar.  Aux does the car show.  June 16 is rods and relics.  Post is reserved.

Annual Reports – need any reports from 4/1/23 to 3/31/24 and all hours by Mar 1, 2024

Embroidery of New Logos on PolosKRIS GOMEZ IS THE NEW CHAIR

Met with Jean in Hartford.  She is embroidering each of the 8 Poppy Princess patches.  She can do embroidery on polos by Memorial Day.  She would add the new brandmark on a polo (that runs a little small) for $20.  You have to pay for shipping and handling separately.  It’s a group fee – not a per piece shipping assessment.

Meat Raffle/March Madness – NO CHAIR CURRENTLY

Two filets, two lobster tails -- $50.  Bernie’s Meats would give us a discount to bring it to $35 for this package to be used for this event.   We could add a bottle of wine for some of the packages.  For other events seen -- Eight rounds total.  After four rounds, also sold a chance at gift baskets. Add kissing booth.

Concern about laws:

  • Not distributing cold or frozen meats, not coupons to collect from meat seller.
  • No raffle certificate.
  • Too many restrictions for this kind of event

Chris to call Sue. We need a chair but Chris will determine what we can do before asking the Unit for a chair.

Dance of the Decades  - NO CHAIR CURRENTLY

Unit wants to do this event.  It’s been popular in the past.  Saukville does this event in the Fall.  Would be great for us to do it in the Spring.  Need a chair.  It was profitable but not a lot. 

There is a possibility of a band donation.

We should identify a chair within 60 days of the event target date.  If that is the case, that time is now for Dance.  It is past for a March target for a Meat Raffle.

Could be done after RACE Training (see below) or the weekend afterward. There is no Kentucky Derby party this year.  Chris to check on dates that might be available for April and May. 

R.A.C.E. Training – Ozaukee County Council   April 27th   1am to 4pm 

Curtiss Peck – Registration required.  This is a presentation on suicide prevention and sponsored by the Ozaukee County Common Council.   It will happen at our Post. 

Question – can students be invited?  Can teachers?   

Chris will be collecting RSVPs to be able to get a final count.  Please have your RSVP identified by the April AUX meeting. 

Need a Scholarships Committee

Our list is very confusing.  It needs a committee to sus out and identify the list of scholarships, amount to be gifted, who presents and where, etc.  In the past, there were as many as 35 scholarships.  Now there are approximately 3 key sponsorships.  Need three people –

Upcoming Dates to Save

American Legion Post 288 – birthday is Jan/Feb – Ozaukee County Council Food Drive thru Feb 26th, 2024

American Legion Family Day – April 27

2nd District Spring Conference at Kalahari in the Dells – May 4

Sweat for Vets - Saturday May 18, 2024

Maggie’s Testimonial – Saturday May 18, 2024

Car Show/Craft Fair – Saturday June 8, 2024

Dept Convention – July 10th – 14th, 2024 in Appleton

Style Show – Oct 12, 2024

Dec 5, 2023

Call to Order - 6:04pm

Opening Prayer – complete

Pledge of Allegiance – complete

12 officers present

Christmas Gift to Post – Every year we give a gift to the Post.  It is typically $500.   Furniture in the basement has been less than ideal and that is an area that the Post would like to focus on to raise revenue during Fish Fry.  Bar stools are of interest to the Post. Goal is to order 4 stools. Boy Scouts also use the basement area. 

Online with backs: $159/each

Metal frame with cushion, no back: $131

Jenna to send Chris the link to Webstaurant

Donations to General Fund and Poppy Fund

Poppy Fund

Four programs selected to get funding. 

$250/each program – total of $1000 suggested by Exec Committee

Chris would like to donate the funds raised from purse sales to Dog@Dog tags

Motion made and seconded -- APPROVED

General Fund

Four programs selected to get funding

$250/each program – total of $1000 suggested by Exec Committee

Motion made and seconded – APPROVED

Quilts and hats/scarves – Laverne Gresch and the other quilters from Faith Lutheran Church provided beautiful handmade quilts.   Gail Andree-Kjell and her friends also provided handmade scarves and hats.   These items were sent to Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative and to the Mid -Winter Conference for Freezin’ for a Reason.

Membership payment drawing

Everyone that paid their dues by Dec 1 has been entered to win

Mary Jaeger is a WINNER!

$50 gift certificate

Guest Speaker – Jacob Heinitz, Chairman of the Board for USO Wisconsin and Vice President on the board of Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative.   Very informative talk on the function of the USO and how we as individuals can help.

Closing Prayer - complete

Dinner - 6:30pm

Christmas Sock Game - 7:30pm


No Executive Board Meeting in December and no General Meeting in January

Upcoming Dates to Save

Dec 9, 2023 - Army/Navy Game

Jan/Feb – Ozaukee County Council Food Drive thru Sunday, Mar 24

Jan/Feb - Applications for Poppy Princess for 2024-2025

Apr 20, 2024 - Ozaukee County Spring Council in Mequon

Apr 27, 2024 - American Legion Family Day

May 4, 2024 - Kentucky Derby Party   TBD

May 4, 2024 - 2nd District Spring Conference

May 7, 2024 - Election of unit officers for 2024-2025

May 18, 2024 - Sweat for Vets

June 8, 2024 - Car Show/Craft Fair   TBD

July 10th – 14th - Dept Convention in Appleton

Oct 12, 2024 – TLC Fashion Show


Peter Wollner Unit 288

American Legion Auxiliary

General Meeting Minutes

Nov 7, 2023

Call to Order – 6:29p

Opening Prayer  - completed

Pledge of Allegiance - completed

Preamble - completed

Roll Call of Officers      Present__9______        Absent__3______

Reading of Minutes from 10/3/23

Moved to approve without review – APPROVED

Treasurer’s Report – Barb Tenpenny

Checking     Money Market          Poppy Fund

Motion to approve the treasure’s report - APPROVED

Membership Report – Barb Frank

     Seniors_93_______        Juniors___9____     Goal __166______

Parliamentarian Report - Natalia Genovese-King

Nothing to report

Sick and Sunshine – Mary Jaeger

Nothing to report

Americanism/ Children and Youth – Nancy Wallock

More than 300 thank you letters for Vets – for the lunch

Swearing in Mary Garner as 2nd Vice President – Shirley led the procedure for the protocol.  Mary is proudly official in her role!

Old Business

2nd District Challenge- Child Welfare Foundation

Motion made: $1 for each member donated.  $170 (rounded up from 166) approved.

Veterans Day Lunch/Food drive – Friday, Nov 10, 202   11am to 1pm

SAL Donation – We are all set!  Volunteer list going around for Thursday (2 people) and Friday support.

Thank You Letters – for the veterans drive thru lunch were from the students at Cedarburg High School.  Chris Hart who is the College/Career and Community Service Administrative Assistant was  Nancy Wallock’s contact person. A Social Studies class was asked to write letters.  Chris Hart is very proud of the student’s participation.  Some of the cards were from local groups as well.

Field of Flags – Sunday Nov 5 thru Sunday Nov 12

Will need help on Sunday Nov 12 to pick them back up – start at 11a on Sunday before the Packer game.

  • Suggestion to light the area to keep them illuminated

Wreaths Across America – Saturday, Dec 16th 

Central Wisconsin National Cemetery.

  • All volunteers will meet at the post and leave for King by 8:00am

Lap Robes from Ann Haderer and daughter Sue Baert

Quilts from Laverne Gresch and ??

Legion Holiday Party – Saturday, December 2

  • Members plus 1 guest
  • 5p – appetizers 6:30p – dinner
  • Live music.
  • Participation limited to 100
  • Reservations due: Wednesday, November 22
  • Out n Out is the caterer
  • Tickets: $25/person (includes 1 drink ticket)

Membership Payment Initiative and New Member Drawing

  • $50 gift certificate APPROVED for drawing
  • New member drawing will be separate and Barb is providing a basket for that drawing

Shirley’s Special Project – VA & R – Christmas for the Children.

New Business

Fish Fry Income – Legion has come to an agreement about the Fish Fry split with the Auxiliary.  Received an email from Commander Kristen advising they approved 20% of the Net Fish Fry Income and 20% of the Tip Income to be given to us on a Bi-annual basis.  For reference they receive around $1500/mo in income and $700/ mo in tips.   This does NOT include the bar income/tips.

Auxiliary Holiday Party - Tuesday December 5 at 6pm

  • Potluck for December meeting – SIGN UP SHEET
  • Christmas Sock Gift Exchange – Each member that wants to participate will need to purchase a pair of Christmas Socks and fill them with goodies.  
  • Gift card to a coffee shop
  • Candy or other goodies
  • Lotions, soap, etc.
  • Socks (socks inside socks – how’s that for a twist?)
  • We will play the Dice Game and see what we end up with!!
  • $25 limit
  • You do not have to play to attend the event.  Participation is optional.

Maggie - Diva Day for the Ladies at the Dom – Dec 2, 2023

  • Fancy fluffy robes, macarons, mini-bundt cakes, tiaras, travel soaps, etc.   – donation ideas
  • Request to make $$$ donation to cover items.   If $$$, Maggie will use the money to purchase items and donate those.
  • 100 female veterans plan to attend
  • Maggie has approval to spend $250 for items.  She will spend and fill out an expense form.  Not to exceed $250. 

Maggie – Freezin for a Reason

Event to have an experience like a homeless Vet. 

  • Sleep in a cardboard box to simulate the issue
  • Women are the fastest growing group of homeless
  • Looking for donations of socks, etc as part of the event

Fashion Show – TLC – March   No date yet  

NEED TO HAVE A STRATEGY SESSION TO COVER – to cover in Exec Board meeting – special January meeting dedicated to this?

  • Mission/Vision review – OUR WHY
  • Budget review – to determine what has been successful and worth while
  • Determine what we are doing to support these goals – OUR WHAT
    • Raising money?
    • Community support?
    • Suggest/vote for methods/outreach/events to accomplish these goals
  • Get Chairs and leadership for each area of effort
  • Develop a BUDGET for 2024

Ozaukee County Council Food Drive – Collecting Food during Jan and February to be turned in by Palm Sunday (March 24, 2024).   Food will be divided between Family Sharing in the Southern party of the County and the Food Alliance in the Northern Parts of the County.

Kentucky Derby Party – Saturday, May 4, 2024 – Need Chairperson(s)

No chairperson requested until we have a strategy session. 

Car Show – June 8, 2024 – Need Chairperson(s)

Barb volunteers to chair the craft area

Need a chairperson for the Car show

No Exec Board Meeting in December

No General Meeting in January

Closing Prayer -

Pot of Gold – Mary Garner
















Upcoming Dates to Save



Belgium Post 412 – Packer Tailgate Party -   Nov 5  11:00am


Mequon/Thiensville Drive thru collection for MVHI - Nov 5  12-3pm


Veteran Drive Thru and Food Collection – Nov 10


Grafton Craft Fair – Nov 18th


C’Burg Auxiliary Birthday Lunch – Wednesday Nov 29th at 11:00am

Tellos in Port Washington


Post Christmas Party – Dec 2, 2023  RSVP with payment by Nov 22, 2023


Auxiliary Christmas Party – Dec 5, 2023


Army/Navy Game – December 9, 2023


Christmas for Children – (VA & R project) – deadline for checks Nov 15

Deadline for gifts – Dec 1


American Legion 100th Midwinter Conference – Jan 18–21, 2024

Auxiliary Session on Sat Jan 20, 2024 at the LaCrosse Center.

Registration is $25 prior to Jan 4, 2024 and $30 after.


Freezin for a Reason – Roy L Vingers AL Post 52 – Jan 18th & Jan 19th


Jan/Feb – Ozaukee County Council Food Drive thru Sunday, Mar 24


TLC Fashion Show – March (Easter is 3/31/24)


Ozaukee County Spring Council in Mequon – Apr 20   9am


American Legion Family Day – April 27


Kentucky Derby Party – Saturday May 4, 2024


2nd District Spring Conference at Kalahari in the Dells – May 4


Sweat for Vets - Saturday May 18, 2024


Car Show/Craft Fair – Saturday June 8, 2024


Dept Convention – July 10th – 14th in Appleton


Parking – Cedarburg festivals (Strawberry, Wine & Harvest)



Oct 3, 2023

Call to Order – 6:30p

Opening Prayer - complete

Pledge of Allegiance - complete

Preamble - complete

Guest speakers – Badger Girls State

  • 2 Badger Girls here to share their stories
  • Marissa and Maggie
    • Thank you for giving them the opportunity to attend through the donation!
    • Wonderful experience and better than expected

Induction of 2nd Vice President Mary Garner

– unable to attend this evening

– will postpone to the next meeting

Roll Call of Officers      Present__9______        Absent_4_______

Reading of Minutes from 9/5/23

Motion to by Nancy Wallock Seconded by Carol G. APPROVED as submitted

Treasurer’s Report – Barb Tenpenny

Checking $________        Money Market $________      Poppy Fund $ ________

Motion to approve by Shirley Krier  Seconded by Carol S.  APPROVED and placed on file for Audit.

Membership Report – Barb Frank

     Seniors_76_______        Juniors___7_____    Goal __166______

Parliamentarian Report - Natalia Genovese-King

  • Nothing to report

Sick and Sunshine – Mary Jaeger

  • Sent sympathy note

Americanism/ Children and Youth – Nancy Wallock

  • Contacted schools in Cedarburg to see if they want any flags
  • All wanted them except Westlawn – they got them two years ago
  • $356.25 – requested amount to cover the cost of the requested flags
  • Motion by Maggie G.  Seconded by Shirley K.  APPROVED

Correction to Minutes:  There was a change in pricing of the flags at the time of ordering which resulted in an increase of $32.22.  Nancy emailed the Executive Board and received approval to continue with the purchase at the increased price.  Total cost was $388.47

Old Business

Wine & Harvest Fest Parking – final outcome

  • $1964.01 – total profit
  • $473 – Auxiliary
  • $491.01 - VIP

New Business

Flag Retirement Ceremony 6:00pm – Thursday Oct 5, 2024

Arrive by 5:45pm or sooner

Warren Kane American Legion Post 410

4200 Valleyview Drive   Fredonia, WI 

Open to the public

Donation to Trunk or Treat – ALA Dept of WI Headquarters

Tuesday, October 31, from 4pm to 6pm

If unable to attend but would like to support – may send in a donation of $5

Payable to ALA- Wisconsin

Send to PO Box 140 Portage, WI 53901 no later than Oct 16th.

Motion to send $25 by Barb T.  Seconded by Chris Sandoval.  APPROVED

Donation to Dept President’s Special Project

Dogs2Dog Tags.   If approved monies need to be sent to Dept and earmarked for Maggie’s Special Project.

Motion to donate $500 (over and above the initial $1000 recognized earlier in the meeting)/Second/APPROVED

Donation to 2nd District VA & R project ($500) - Christmas Gifts for Children

Request to provide Christmas gifts and donate to the box left in the Legion Lobby.  The box will be there until DECEMBER 1, 2023 – Bring unwrapped toys to the next meeting to easily donate.  Gifts should be UNWRAPPED. 

Monetary donations will be accepted until NOVEMBER 15, 2023 sent to:

          Checks made payable to: ALA 2nd District Treasurer

          Mail to: Mary Montag, 726 Jean Ct,, Allenton, WI 53002

Correction to minutes:  A suggestion to donate $500 to the 2nd District VA&R project was made at the meeting.  After further discussion the VA&R chair (Shirley K) reported that she had made up a toy box to leave in the entryway of the post for people to make donations.  A list of suggested items is attached to the lid of the box.   The unit will not be making a motion on the suggestion of donating $500 at this time.  We will see how the toy collections go and maybe make a motion at another time if needed.

Further note: A suggestion was made by a member to have someone sitting in the entryway with the toy box and donation jar during the Fish Fry.  This was mentioned to Shirley and she will look into it for the Oct Fish Fry.

Oz County Fall Council Meeting – Saturday Oct 28, 2023 - $4 registration

8:30am Registration       9:00 am Meeting

Veterans Day Lunch/Food donation – Friday, Nov 10, 2023   11am to 1pm

  • Volunteers will have opportunities to sign up at the next meeting
  • Bags will have all non-perishable items in the bags the night prior – Thursday night.  Sandwiches will go in at the last minute to be fresh.
  • Need to share what the cost of the sandwiches would be.
  • Carol needs 2 - 2’x3’ for the window – Jenna to fulfill
  • Desire to hear what the cost of sandwiches will be to see if someone will donate or cover the cost rather than donate the ingredients
  • Membership open to making sandwiches if that is preferred
  • Jim’s Grill – donated 50 sandwiches; Piggly Wiggly – donated 100 bottles of water

Field of Flags – Sunday before (Nov 5) we would plant a flag in the Legion Park to represent each member of the post.  Leave up until the 12th – the day after Veteran’s Day.

  • Need 345 flags. Checked on-line.  
  • Price for flags @ $400.  
  • Also want to check with Boy Scouts because they have a Flag your Yard program. 
  • Carol to reach out to Shorewest to see if the flags will be donated.
  • Desire to purchase the flags and do this each year – bring back the event each year.
  • SAL potentially to split the cost 50/50
  • Motion to donate $350 (cap) for flags/Second/APPROVED

Wreaths Across America – ordered 30 wreaths at $17 ea - $510.

  • Signed up to volunteer at Central Wisconsin National Cemetery.
  • All volunteers will meet at the post and leave for King by 8:00am
  • Five volunteers are going – join if you can!

Legion Halloween Trunk or Treat

  • President Chris Skidmore has ordered 50 Auxiliary Halloween Coloring Books as a personal donation

Lap Robes from Ann Haderer and daughter Sue Baert

  • In past years, they have been taken to the VA and have them distribute them to Veterans in need.  Holding on to them for now to see what is needed at Christmas time or for special raffles.

Legion Holiday Party – Deb G.

  • Saturday, December 10
  • Members plus 1 guest
  • 5p – appetizers
  • 6:30p – dinner
  • Everyone will receive ONE drink ticket as part of the package
  • There is a band hired – same as the Chicken Roast.  They will be more lively.
  • Participation limited to 100
  • Reservations due: Wednesday, November 22
  • Out n Out is the caterer
  • Tickets: $25/person

Auxiliary Holiday Party

  • Potluck for December meeting

Ozaukee Food Alliance

Motion to donate $300 by Carol S.  Seconded by Shirley Krier  APPROVED

Closing Prayer - complete

Pot of Gold

Upcoming Dates to Save

Fall into Grafton, Bake Sale – Oct 7

Grafton Bingo – Oct 10

Belgium Post 412 – Packer Tailgate Party -   Nov 5  11:00am

Mequon/Thiensville Drive thru collection for MVHI - Nov 5  12-3pm

Grafton Craft Fair – Nov 18th

C’Burg Auxiliary Birthday Lunch – Wednesday Nov 29th at 11:00am

Tellos in Port Washington

Post Christmas Party – Dec 2, 2023  RSVP with payment by Nov 22, 2023

Auxiliary Christmas Party – Dec 5, 2023

TLC Fashion Show – March  ( Easter is 3/31/24 )

Kentucky Derby Party – Saturday May 4, 2024

Sweat for Vets - Saturday May 18, 2024

Car Show/Craft Fair – Saturday June 8, 2024

Ride & Drive – June 12, 2024 to June15, 2024

Dept Convention – July 10th  – 14th  in Appleton


September 5, 2023

Call to Order – 6:29p

Opening Prayer - complete

Pledge of Allegiance - complete

Preamble - complete

Roll Call of Officers      Present_______10_        Absent__2______

Reading of the minutes from 8/1/23 – motion by Sandy Mack and seconded by Shirley Krier to dispense with reading the meeting notes from last meeting.  All in favor.  Minutes to be placed on file.

Treasurer’s Report – Barb Tenpenny

 Checking $________      Money Market $________     Poppy Fund $ ________

Motion to approve by Donna Kison and Seconded by Mary Garner. Report to be placed on file for audit.

Membership Report – Barb Frank

     Seniors__51______        Juniors__4______    Goal __166______

NEW MEMBERS  -  Julie Deleeuw

Parliamentarian Report - Natalia Genovese-King - Nothing to report

Sick and Sunshine – Mary Jaeger

No report – request to send any names and situations to Mary.

Americanism/ Children and Youth – Nancy Wallock - No report.

COMMANDER Announcement – Trunk or Treat Event

Goal: Bring in new members, have things for our younger members to do. A desire to have more events for families, bring children and grandchildren.

Oct 29/Sunday (Day after trick or treating) – Family event/party for members of the post and their families.

Costume contest

Bring pumpkins to the pumpkin walk afterwards.

Bag coloring

Weather dependent – will have to be moved inside if rain

Looking for pumpkin and apple donations – offer up connections for farms that may donate

Legion’s Budget: $350

Auxiliary Members will be glad to help out!

262-745-5934 – phone call or text if you wish help out or have info

Old Business    

Wine & Harvest Fest Parking – Sept 16th to 17th

          Looking for volunteers.

          Price going from $10 to $15 ($5 increase) to park.

          Budget approved for $250 – used on new signage

          Split for the venue we are using – 25% went to VIP, 75% to Auxiliary

          $2197 – total intake from 2022 

For 2023, Auxiliary share will receive the profits to fund future events.  However, the group may decide to provide small donations to local non-profits based on what is ultimately collected.                   

Dogs2Dogtags Event – Vines2Vets - 5k.  Walk/Run or 1 mile Walk/Run

Sept 9, 2023

Solu Winery  W8269 Couty Road F  Cascade, WI.

          Reminder for those that are interested – please attend. Check in at noon for the 1mile walk, 5k run. $35 fee to register for the walk/run

Check donation story at Dogs2Dogtags – Group went to go donate the check.   Got to meet one of the great dogs at the camp.   Tour was taken – Torre stated that there are many plans to expand and shared those plans.  Much work to be done and much fundraising to go.  A couple of Veterans visited and showed the interaction between a German Shepherd and “her Veteran” – a true connection between the two. 

Packer Party – Sunday, Oct 22, 2023   Game time 3:25pm

          Post is reserved.

          No more Meat Raffle

          Need a Chair and volunteers to help.         

Commander can donate Packer decorations as her office is holding a Packer party at the Legion prior to our event.

Julie Deleeuw may be interested in chairing, but needs to check her calendar.  Barb Tenpenny will co-chair if Julie is able.

Red white and blue crocheted lap blanket is donated as possible raffle item – thank you Shirley!


Veterans Lunch – Friday, November 10, 2023

Co-Chairs – Jenna Smith and Kris Gomez

Sandwiches and chips from Subway

Jenna to donate white bags

Jenna to arrange ad at the Rivoli to promote

Need brochures/flyers – to distribute

Need wrapped desserts – Julie Deleeuw donated 100 individually wrapped cookies – thank you Julie!

Keen to add a food donation – Veteran’s Homeless Initiative donation for food immediately

          $250 – Legion Auxiliary

          $750 – American Legion Post

$500 – Additional donation (with approval from Auxiliary vote)


Plan to be provided during the next meeting

Submit cards for Veteran – cards for George Peter’s 100th birthday handed in to Chris Skidmore who will get them in the mail this week. Others were mailed directly by members.

Extra shirts for sale – Doralee Piering brought in left-over shirts from the Sweat 4 Vets event this spring to sell for $10 each. 

New Business

Kara LeGault – help with family issues.   Has child with Spinabifida.

Horticulturalist for the City of Cedarburg

Great person – not an Auxiliary member – yet we want to help

Suggest to send $500 for this person in the community who is suffering.

Motion by Natalia King to send $500 and seconded by Mary Garner.

All in favor. Barb will send a check.

Question – is there a meal train?  Maybe through St. Francis Borgia.  Info to come.  

Ozaukee County Fall Council Meeting – Oct 28, 2023

8:30 am Registration & Lite Breakfast        

9:00 am Meeting

Grafton Legion Post 1540 13th Ave Grafton

Raffle baskets will be coordinated.  Think about if you want to attend.

Wreaths Across America

          Last year we donated 20 wreaths at a cost of $15 each.

          This year, cost is $17 each

          Saturday, Dec 16 – 11a.m.

          Motion by Shirley Krier to send $510 this year which would be enough

for 30 wreaths.  Motion seconded by Julie Deleeuw.   All in favor.

Would also like to get a sense of anyone who would like to attend and cover this activity.  Plan to check calendars and determine if you would like to go by next meeting so the group can be signed up on line in October.

Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative – Sweat 4 Vets donation

          $9172.97 – costs – primarily t-shirts

          $35,965.90 (minus $500 initial fee for seed money from last year)

          $35,465.90 – TOTAL DONATION

  • Brought tears at the time of donation

Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative – food shortage

Urgent request or the Emergency Food Pantry

Exec Board donated $250 but would like to send more.  Suggest another $500 for total of $750.  Legion also sent $750.

Motion to donate $500 made by ???????and seconded by ??????

All in favor.

Membership Contest

Have a contest to provide everyone who pays their 2024 Membership Dues by December 1, get one entry into a drawing for prizes.   Additional entries for those that recruit members that join. Plan to be presented at the next meeting.         

Sending a person to Badger Camp – June 2024

          Added to agenda closer to the event itself

Shirley’s Special Project this year is for Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative – specifically for children of veterans.   She wants to collect Christmas gifts for children of all ages so that MVHI can set up a shopping experience for the Veterans to shop at no cost to them for their own children. More info to come.

2nd District President, Sandy Mack presented our unit with a check for their share of the proceeds from the 2023 Sweat4Vets Fundraiser.   A total of $44,638.87 was raised this year.   After all expenses/deductions 2/3 of the proceeds, or $23,643.94 was sent to Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative.   The remaining 1/3 was split between the 2 units.   Each unit received a check for $5,910.98. 

Closing Prayer

Adjourn – 7:28pAugust 1, 2023

Call to Order - complete

Opening Prayer - complete

Pledge of Allegiance - complete

Preamble - complete

Presentation of Good Deed Award – Maggie Johnson

  • A 13-year old who collected more than 3000 lbs of food in honor of family sharing.  More than 13,000 lbs of food overall collected by her over several food drives. 
  • Presentation of certificate by Chris Skidmore, President
  • “spirit of service, not self” – great reflection of her efforts
  • Flowers presented by Family Sharing

Presentation of Teacher of the Year Award – Michael Cullen

  • Each year, we sponsor a teacher of the year award
  • Thorough knowledge and a commitment to teach in an engaging way
  • Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Retiring this year “so a great honor to get this at this time”


Roll Call of Officers      Present________        Absent________ -- complete

  • Mary Garner is FREE OF CANCER post-surgery – three cheers for Mary!

Approval of Minutes from 6/6/2023 – Moved and approved as submitted

Treasurer’s Report – Barb Tenpenny

 Checking $          Money Market $        Poppy Fund $

Reported – refer to statement for amounts – not included here as this document is shared beyond membership

  • Discussion on what Poppy costs are to be included in report.  Poppy order/manufacture is not included in this report as it is taken out at the time of the order. 
  • In Fall, we get a Poppy donation suggestion list.  It can only go to Veterans.  Often goes to Christmas party – however, now should go to a fund outside of the Christmas party  

Membership Report – Barb Frank

     Seniors_154__        Juniors___4__    Total ___ 158 ___ Goal _166___

  • If we hit certain membership goals, the Unit can receive payments.  Let that be incentive to recruitment. 

Parliamentarian Report - Natalia Genovese-King

  • Nothing to report

Sick and Sunshine – Mary Jaeger

  • Mary is CANCER FREE!  Worth a second mention.

Americanism/ Children and Youth – Nancy Wallock

    Nothing to report.

Old Business

Car Show           

Income reported (includes in kind        Expenses  Profit 

  • Doubled the amount of cars
  • Same amount of vendors, increase from $25 to $35 registration cost
  • Weather was great!
  • New initiative: first 50 registrants, get free drink ticket

Monies Donated To:    Be the ONE                                        

Dogs to Dog Tags 

  • Request of membership to round up for each of the donations - APPROVED
  • Wine event in Cascade, WI to benefit Dogs to Dog Tags.  For those that like wine and walking one mile, consider participating.      VINES TO VETS is the name of the event.
  • New Chair is being sought for this committee
  • June 8 is the date reserved for 2024.  Perhaps send a save the date?

Strawberry Fest Parking – Carol S.         

Monies Donated To:    

  • Split total funding:
    • Auxiliary 
    • VIP –
  • donated – Camp American Legion                            

New Business

Report - Donation to Zablocki VA Medical Center

  • Flip flops
  • Teddy bears – used for bingo prizes, dementia patients truly appreciate these… teddy bears were chosen first over other prizes offered

Event Reports – Tracking of Hours - REMINDER

Dogs2Dogtags Event – Kris Gomez – see above as extension from Car Show

Wine & Harvest Fest Parking (Sept 16, 17)

  • needs volunteers
  • Suggestion: Budget $250 for flags, increased amount for parking (update sign), and yard signs to help others find them.  Motion made by Kris Gomez to set Budget at $250.   Second by Jenna Smith. All in favor.

Veterans Lunch – Saturday, November 11 is actual Veteran’s Day

  • Many want to do the lunch on the day Webster School does their lunch which may be Friday, November 10.  Webster has not decided on their date yet.
  •  We will do a DRIVE THRU, not eat in, lunch program.
  • Will order sandwiches and chips from Subway at 5 Corners and ask for donations of individually wrapped baked goods for dessert.

Packer Party/Meat Raffle

  • Need a chair to be able to do this event – both Packer Party and separately the Meat Raffle
  • We have not done this in the past but have someone who has offered to coach for the first year to help make this happen.
  • Discussion on whether or not to the meat raffle portion.  Reco to call the woman in that would be the coach the meat raffle the first year to tell us more about operationally how to do it. 
  • Prefer an away game so more people can attend.  Nov 12 – Pittsburgh Steelers at noon  November 23 – Thanksgiving.  Dec 11 – NY Giants  Oct 22 – Denver Broncos – CHECK ON THIS ONE WITH LEGION CALENDAR

Order new sashes for Poppy Princesses

  • Can we use the emblem – we have a letter of approval for posters, not sashes
  • Will ask for approval for printing 600 sashes with the emblem

Presentation of Gift to Department President – Maggie Geiger

Special project – Dogs2Dogtags

$2 per pin – Maggie’s pins – see Shirley


Ribbon and ALA pins – to be distributed next meeting.


Closing Prayer - complete

Pot of Gold – Shirley

Adjourn – 7:59p



Peter Wollner Post 288 - Auxiliary


General Meeting Minutes

Peter Wollner Unit # 288  American Legion Auxiliary

May 2, 2023


Opening Prayer/Pledge of Allegiance/PreambleComplete

Attendance Report – all here --- 100 percent leadership IN THE HOUSE!

Treasurers Report

Total reviewed

  • Motion made (Shirley), Seconded (Mary)…. Report approved.  

Membership - 156

  • 141 seniors
  • 18 juniors
  • Missing 12 people who have not paid their dues
  • Membership goal: 165 – ALMOST THERE!

Notes from last meeting minutes – approved with changes.

Old business

Legion Birthday Party – March 18

                70 people signed up. 

                Compliments came in days after.  Shirley did a GREAT job.

Kentucky Derby Party – May 6

                21 donors for the gathering

Donations from the American Legion and Mel’s Charity

Group of 20 has made a reservation and due to the number of people, we will hold a table for them.  Let’s all follow in their footsteps and bring the celebration to new heights!

Photo wall and other décor will be done

Saturday at 10a is the time for decorating the area.

Best hat and best dressed – awards planned

60/40 raffle – someone needed to run

Placecards for the food – need a person with nice handwriting!

Charity is the Wisconsin Women for Our Troops.

Fruit, veggie and cheese tray still needed – see Mary G.

Doors open at 2:30p.  Need to talk to Jim about reserving the room the day before to be able to prep.  Race at approx. 5:30p.  Event is over at 6-ish p.m. 

Sweat for Vets – May 20 -- from Grafton to Cedarburg this year -

Charity is Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiatives – representatives will be available at the event. 

Starts at Grafton Post at 10a.  300 people signed up so far

Need help with serving food – table service for putting meat on plates as guests pass along the buffet, as well as keeping condiments stocked.  Clean up volunteers also needed.  SAL is cooking meat for the buffet.  Encourage people to stay with speedy meal service.  People spend time at the bar. 

Live music – in the Post Hall (not outside)

Bus leaves Post 288 (2 buses) at 9a to go to Grafton.

$500 from Meijers

$200 from Kwik Trip

2 - $5000 donations and other lesser amounts --- THIS IS A BIG EVENT!  We have more donations this year to date than we have for all event in 2022.

Poppy Distribution – May 26/27

Poppies will be distributed at Piggly Wiggly, Ottos and Speedway in Cedarburg.  Shirley is asking for volunteers and sheets are being distributed.

Sign up for 2 hour shifts.

Memorial Day Parade – May 29

                Poppy Princesses will be in a car.  A truck will also be part of this unit.

Need 2 people to volunteer for the banner to lead our unit.  Volunteers offered during the meeting – THANK YOU!

Sloppy joes and chips will be available at the Legion after the event

Cooking the food will be done the day before – Saturday, May 27 @ 10a.  Carol S to lead.               

Car Show – June 10 – 10a – 4p

                7:30a – Crafter set up time

                Car fee - $10 each for registration

                Vendors - $35 each for registration (an increase from $25 in 2022)

Two new charity options offered: 1) dog2dog tags (located in Plymouth, WI) Mission to collect dogs to pair them with Veterans who suffer from PTSD.   Funds go to dog food, veterinarian care, gas cards to get their pet, etc.   Need a printer and an office dog scale 2) American Legion national program “Be the One” initiative.  Campaign focused on reducing the rate of Veteran suicide.  Mission is to raise awareness that this issue exists and that the American Legion is dedicated to reducing incidence of suicide as well as directing funds to resources to do so. Funding would go to marketing, not direct purchases of equipment or resources.

We have three options to vote on: one or the other charity, or 50/50 split.

50/50 SPLIT IS