Executive Board Meeting 24 October 2023


The meeting was called to order by Commander Kristin Burkart at 1900 hours followed by the appropriate opening ceremonies.  

Roll call of officers was taken with 13 present and 3 absent.  Quorum present.




1st Vice Commander Jim Lee – Jim reported 6 membership renewals this week and 2 new members have joined the Post. 

2nd Vice Commander Gene Szudrowitz – The upcoming ads in the News Graphic will be split between the Fish Fry and the box lunches that will be provided by the Auxiliary for the Veterans Day Drive-thru.

3rd Vice Commander Jerry Smith – Jerry provided a summation of Veteran Day activities: November 10th, 9 A.M. the Motorcade past the elementary schools and high school followed by the prerecorded program at Webster Middle School which begins at 10 A.M. Coffee and donuts will be served. Jerry will contact State Honors to be certain our Post is still listed as active for Military Funeral Honors as we have not been called for a funeral in many months. He also reported Jerry Wanty has been experiencing health issues and is in the hospital. 

Finance Officer Dennis Loberger – No report.

Bar Chairman Rick Siefert – Rick reported that the month of October has not been a great month for the bar and hopes the remainder of the month will be better.  

House Chairman Ed Downey – Ed has initiated the process to winterize the Post. The gutters still need cleaning out and once all the leaves have fallen Jeff Gabert will perform that service.

Chaplain P.J. Glavey – Excused

Assistant Chaplain Bill Raymond – Absent

Judge Advocate Tom Ingram – No Report

Immediate Past Commander Dennis Jaeger – No Report

Post Adjutant Bob Batty – No Report



Art Filter – No Report

Ray Ronchetti – No Report

George Maumee – No Report

Debbie Gabert – Deb rounded up all the sign-up sheets for the Veterans Day Motorcade and put the information in a Google spreadsheet. If any Post members know of anyone else interested in participating in the motorcade send their name and military branch to Debbie. She has provided the News Graphic with Post 288 Veterans Day activities. 



The commander read a thank you card from the Greater Cedarburg Foundation thanking the Post for its donation of Fish Fry gift certificates to be given out at their annual Foundation Banquet.

Commander Burkart read a plea for donations to Tee it up for the Troops. This being a Minnesota group the board chose not to participate.

The commander read an invitation for the Post to participate in the Ozaukee Non-profit Fair. As this is a county event the board decided to forward the invitation to the Ozaukee County Council, The American Legion. 

Ride and Drive for Vets is a fundraising event scheduled for June of 2024 to raise money for various veteran issues. The event originates in western states and ends up at Harley Davidson in Milwaukee. This is not a Legion Rider event and therefore the board decided not to participate in this fundraiser. 

The Cedarburg Grafton Rotary Club sent a letter to the Post asking if the Post will again help sponsor their MSO (Milwaukee Symphony) event. This is an event that the Post helps sponsor each year. Motion and a second to donate to the Rotary Club for the MSO event a sum equal to last year’s donation. Motion carried.

CHS Fine Arts Boosters (FAB) has inquired if Post 288 would again support their efforts by continuing its ad in the concert/plays program booklets. Cost is the same as last year, $225.00. Motion and a second to support FAB by purchasing an ad for $225.00. Motion carried.



Bills to be Paid: Finance Officer Dennis Loberger read the bills to be paid totaling $6,647.57. Motion and a second to pay the bills. Motion carried.

Fish Fry Chairman Bob Batty presented the profit and loss for the August, September and October Fish Frys pertaining only to the Fish Fry, Bar excluded. The purpose of the report was to determine compensation for the Auxiliary. After an extended period of discussion, it was proposed that the Auxiliary receive 20 percent of the Fish Fry food profits and 20 percent of the tips to be paid biannually in January and June of each year. Motion and second that Auxiliary Unit 288 receive 20 percent of the food and tip revenue from the Fish Fry and that it be paid biannually in January and June of each year. Motion carried.



Due to poor response from Legion membership Commander Burkart has decided to cancel the Halloween Family Party. However, the commander likes the concept of a family party that not only involves membership but the community as a whole and will reschedule the family party for a later date.

Commander Burkart presented her ideas surrounding succession plans and interactive systems. All Post officers and committee chairs should be developing an individual who is able to fill-in for them should they be unable to perform their duties, for whatever reason. Concerning interactive systems, the commander recommends the events calendar be maintained on a Google spreadsheet that can be accessed by all Post officers, committee chairs and Executive Board members.  

The Rotary Club would like to install their logo on the Post building. Like the Lions Club, the Rotary meets regularly at the Post and has been a good friend of the Post providing a sizable donation to the Post building fund several years ago. Motion and second to allow the Cedarburg Grafton Rotary Club to install, under Post guidance, their logo near the front entrance. Motion carried



Midwinter Conference Jan 18-21. A new course in Peer Mentoring is featured. 

Post 288 Holiday Party December 2nd, 5 p.m. Cocktails, 6 p.m. Dinner. 

Second District Conference will be held on Saturday, October 28, 2023, 9 a.m. at the West Bend Post.

The Post has decided to hold the Army-Navy Game Party this December, details to follow. 

AT&T Fiber 5G is now available for install at the Post. The decision to switch from Direct TV is being considered. AT&T Fiber 5G may be less expensive and is faster. 

Jim Lee is looking for volunteers to serve as Salvation Army Bell Ringers this holiday season. Contact Jim if you are interested in signing up to ring bells. 

Thursday morning coffee @ Jim’s Grille, 10 a.m. 


There being no further business the meeting ended with the appropriate closing ceremonies and was adjourned at 2013 hours.

Respectfully submitted, 

Robert S. Batty, PDC


Peter Wollner Post 288

Department of Wisconsin