Regular Monthly Meeting 9 April 2024


The meeting of this post was called to order by Commander Kristin Burkart at 1900 hours followed by the appropriate opening ceremonies. 

Roll call of officers was taken with 9 present and 4 absent.  Quorum of Post officers. 

Introduction of Guests: Octavio Rodrigues, SAL and Kelly Knox, prospective Legion member. 

The Adjutant presented the minutes of the 12 March 2024 Regular Monthly Meeting. There was a motion and second to approve those minutes as presented.  The motion was carried.

The Adjutant presented the minutes of the 26 March 2024 Executive Board Meeting. There was a motion and second to approve those minutes as presented. The motion carried.

Legion Notables: PDC and current NEC Bob Shappell, PDC and current Adjutant Bob Batty, PDVC and current 1st Vice Commander Jim Lee, 2nd District Adjutant/Finance Officer Dennis Jaeger.



1st Vice Jim Lee: The Post is currently at 95.88% of its 2024 membership goal of 337. Jim has sent another letter to those members who have yet to pay for the 2024/25 membership year. The Post is 25 members short of achieving 100%. Jim has the Buddy Check rosters completed and will hand them out to the volunteers who will make the calls. Buddy checks may consist of phone calls, emails, or letters. He apologized for not having the rosters ready last month. Jim informed members that in 2018 the Post had 28 WWII members…today, there are 8 remaining. He hopes to have 3 WWII members in the Memorial Day Parade. Jim also mentioned the family of deceased member Al Wolter have donated $1000 in honor of Al and as a thank you for the Post rendering Military Funeral Honors. 

2nd Vice Gene Szudrowitz: No Report.

3rd Vice Jerry Smith: Jerry is excused as he is away on vacation. Commander Burkhart reported there is a Memorial Day Committee meeting next Tuesday, April 16th at 6:30 p.m. 

Finance Officer Dennis Loberger: Dennis reported on several large expenditures consisting of payments to Birchwood, Sysco and Great Lakes Fire Protection. He reported on the checking balance, savings. and total cash. Dennis also reported cash available less restricted funds. Motion and second to approve the Finance Report. Motion carried.

Bar Report Rick Seifert: Rick reported that between the Fish Fry and the Merc’s Party March was a very good month. He reported total cash for the month of March, credit card charges, and rentals and donations. Expenses were reported to have been higher this month than others. Motion and second to approve the Bar Report. Motion carried.

House Report Ed Downey: Ed addressed the issue of the ruts either side of the parking lot entrance caused by semi-trailer trucks that can’t make the cut. The solution is to extend the apron by 3 feet on each side. The apron is city property, and the Post will require city permission to make the improvements. Ed has contacted the city and is awaiting a response. He does not have a quote yet on the cost for this improvement. Lights around the perimeter of the building have failed and will need to be replaced. The originals lasted four years. Ed will secure quotes to replace the lighting. The garage has been cleaned up with thanks to John Szudrowitz and Mick Callen. The Post was inspected by the city and failed but the problem has been rectified and re-inspected and “we are good to go”. The Legion Emblem on the Post chimney will be taken down and refreshed later this summer. Commander Burkart thanked John McFadden for repairing the ceiling leak in the vestibule at no cost to the Post. 

Chaplain P.J. Glavey: P.J. announced there is a bucket for donations to the Paul Brissman family who recently lost their son to illness. Paul is a member of the Post. P.J. will purchase $200 of gas cards to be given to the family. As usual, P.J. is available after the meeting to meet with any members in need of counseling. Commander Burkart added that longtime member Jerry Wanty passed away today.

Service Officer Bob Shappell: No Report.

Historian John Katzka: Absent

SAL Jerry Gomez: Absent

Fish Fry Report: Bob Batty reported the April Fish Fry is fully staffed apart from table bus staff on the second shift but he expects to fill those slots as well. Bob also reported Fish Fry financials for the months of August through December 2023. 


Other Committees: None



Commander Burkart announced Claudia Wolter donated $1,000 to the Post in memory of her husband who was a member of the Post. It is her wish that the donation goes to the Memorial Fund. 

The Cedarburg Chamber of Commerce is inquiring if the Post would like to place an ad in their Welcome to Cedarburg brochure, least expensive cost being $295.00. Motion and second to place an ad in the Welcome to Cedarburg brochure for $295.00. Motion carried.



Finance Officer – Bills to be paid? Finance Officer Dennis Loberger read the bills totaling $1,600.21. Motion to Pay all the Bills. Motion carried.

Commander Burkart announced that those wishing to attend the Second District Spring Conference to be held on Saturday, April 27th must sign-up tonight. Post will pay for the registration and meal. 



Commander Burkart wishes to replace the torn-up furniture in the basement with 6 tables and 12 chairs. She has obtained a bid of $1,600.00 which has been approved by the Post Executive Board but seeks the approval of the General Membership. Motion and second to purchase 6 tables and 12 chairs for the basement at a cost of $1,600.00. Motion carried.

Commander Burkart presented the winner(s) of the Peter Wollner American Legion Post 288 Scholarship. As there were only two entrants and both were superbly qualified; after discussion it was decided to award $1,000.00 to each candidate. This year’s awardees are Olivia Gattie and Lydia Stowers. Congratulations to both young ladies. Motion and a second to award a $1000.00 Scholarship to Olivia Gattie and Lydia Stowers. Motion carried.

FlyRite announced it would donate the money for tonight’s luncheon. 

Immediate Past Post Commander Dennis Jaeger played National Commander Dan Seehafer’s address to Congress which covered a gamut of veteran issues currently before Congress.

Mark “Curly” Hanrahan reported the Wisconsin Legion Riders will hold a 3-day ride from Superior, WI to Orfordville, WI in honor of Department Commander Karl Stuvengen called Stu’s Cruise 24 to raise money for the Wisconsin American Legion Troop & Family Support Fund and the Wisconsin American Legion Auxiliary Homeless Women Veterans Grant Fund. He asked the Post to consider a $1,000 donation to Stu’s Cruise 24. Motion and a second to donate $1,000 to Stu’s Cruise 24. Motion carried.

Dennis Loberger made mention that the ice maker at Camp American Legion has failed. The Ozaukee County Council is attempting to raise funds to replace the ice maker. The County Council held a fund raiser which raised $1,860.00 of the $3,300.00 needed to replace the ice maker. To make up the $1,440.00 shortfall the county is asking the 8 posts in the county to contribute $1.32 per post member to the ice maker fund. This is not mandatory but a request. For Post 288 that would mean a donation of $392.04.  Motion and a second to donate $392.04 to the Ozaukee County Council, Camp American Legion ice maker replacement fund. Motion carried.                    

Commander Burkart called upon Judge Advocate Tom Ingram to hold Post Officer nominations for the 2025 Membership Year. Nominations for the following positions are:

Commander – Kristin Burkart                      Executive Board -   Art Filter

1st Vice Commander – Jim Lee                                                Ray Ronchetti

2nd Vice Commander – Gene Szudrowitz                                   Debbie Gabert

3rd Vice Commander – Open                                                   George Maumee

Adjutant – Bob Batty

Finance Officer – Dennis Loberger

Judge Advocate – Tom Ingram

Historian – John Katzka

Chaplain – P.J. Glavey

Service Officer – Bob Shappell

Sergeant at Arms – Keith Mason

Sergeant at Arms – John McFadden

Post officer and Executive Board elections will be held at the Regular Membership Meeting of 14 May 2024 at 7p.m. Nominations from the floor will be accepted at that time. 




Fish Fry April 19th.

  • Veteran’s Suicide Ruck Walk, April 20th.
  • Thursday morning coffee at Jim’s Grille, 10 a.m. 
  • Sweat for Vets Walk Saturday 18 May.
  • The County Auxiliary will hold a Suicide Talk Seminar at the Cedarburg Post on 27 April, 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.  
  • Fred Schmitz, a Lion member asked all Legionnaires to bring old unused eyeglasses to the next post meeting. The Lion’s will have them refurbished and put to good use. 
  • Second District Spring Conference to be held Saturday, April 27th in Mayville. 
  • John McFadden is inviting all post members to the post to celebrate his 60th birthday Saturday, July 6th. Further details to come.



Bob Shappell

Keith Mason


There being no further business the meeting ended with the appropriate closing ceremonies and was adjourned at 1942 hours.  

Respectfully submitted, 

Robert Batty, PDC


Peter Wollner Post 288

Department of Wisconsin